To see this square with triangles small squares or dope ones any of which whom you like rise news up rise news down at whatever hour and minutes yes west coast whatever my state is called it does move could it be a pager or beeper just my phone only places that have oxygen or yes water that moves vessels or stuff no matter how calm it is works out like a deranged I for now want to go to this venue once I land just walk out and step in through the sand yes like what food trucks with lamborghini doors closed where they 're going somewhere it is good and yes it's ok where to be but yes I am in one zone its like off a freeway exit order dropped everywhere to clean and yes throw away or save some of it like who where you be inside some home it's like your lights were on and now they 're off man oh like would this per son be the one me yea yea you be passable like if your window be open I would throw you a football with a note I would have to do it far yards away I wouldn't throw it too hard but I think you would catch it would like would you be half asleep but still wake up what would the note say what would you tell me I would leave you alone yea yes cuz you have to rest I like yes who would like just a short very short time to have to go like the football came back but yes I know ok so yes have a goodnight to take that football where would I put it away yes I would put it in my room where I set my clothes or anywhere what like one to send signals with windows open would it reach deep like no to not like I know you would not so no I would not not I would not try like what try and do be all great not or yes so very no not no man I would just be here you like yes be here be me so what how what are you yes you must be for now right in this place where I to be currently chill what to throw like no not no not more so how about something that you can like yes something so nice very so like how a an old normal day like at noon by the space where like you feel that fresh is it warm or just yes it's cool like what I to really sense no everything so like why is it no like yes how stores be having brew all cold like what would it be like to grab some and yes leave but yes I know we have to pay real no I know I have seen something like it but no I did not get it or do what they did I sort of just yes how I get but I jump in oh to yes I can call to mind yes it has been done so where to go from I like once you open but posted I to sip no I would not bounce but then I would who to be kicking me out yes I to have in my special cup faded up and so beyond yes to be faded as so much the liters and ounces like yes I have like every sip it tells me you to be you would get so faded I don't believe it but yes I do feel so like if I just drank something to get this buzz of minutes while it lasts in what distance so bright not to careful I hope you have your sunglasses on yes how the reflection bounces off skylights a shake coffee or juice yes the coffee be cold yes needing to go someplace or another what to speak of being under a tree how it blocks heat or it can carry me it sends to parts I don't even know off but it do it does how with every breeze I go in one place or another yes I be in lower a different state in one of the arms like yes I know I like this vicinity how spring time is warm how summer is hot like yes covered clouds come quick and yes it can be sparkling like what the food like what is this how you 're welcomed and some locales say hi how when we leave english trips and blankets how we want to go and be in the sun how do we move yes we have gone so out of one's mind like what how it will never go away to return to not explain I to drop I have to say an intensely amount of boxes with cookies I cannot wait to open them endlessly