LGBTQ conversion therapy, punani emcees
I’m here like S.E. Massengill to flush out pussies
Kotex plugs couldn’t protect the leaky faucets
Anal assassins have no will like Aretha Franklin
Transgender aspirations, clitoral stimulation
Premature ejaculation, jizz facial-recognition
Cock snot down esophagus, bacterial vaginosis
Gynecological infections, yeast augmentation
Plasma glistened, menstrual blood transfusions
Homosexual shenanigans, Ricky Martin obsessions
Warner Bros. gangsters with dildos in their holsters
Tiny Lister physique with psyche of Mrs. Parker
These turkeys are as light as baby bird feathers
Why mean mug if you’re as soft as Huggies hugs
Baby wipes, sweet and tangy like Sunny Delight
Semen soldiers, baby batter oral cavity holders
Feminisation of gynaecology, Bartier Cardi B.
Summers Eve, Adam’s sidepiece quick to please
Same-sex egalitarian couples, Lil Nas X nuptials
Miniskirt models, full throttle when rods they gobble
Went from Bruce Jenner cross-dressers to full-blown flamers
Muscle Mary bloodstream, To Wong Foo drag queens
Painted toes, Victoria Secret lingerie under clothes
Intentionally drop the soap, quick to deep throat
Lips swallow dicks like Bermuda Triangle does ships
Mobster Madonnas, don’t squeeze gats only bananas
Light in fedora that’s why they have asthma stamina
When they come to bat with Lou Gehrig's disease
Child please, you Ochocinco how balls you love to receive
Whitney Houston diva emcees are not combat ready
In cyphers they’re infant in diapers, feather-fisted fighters
Pugilistic propaganda, hitmen turned informants for mafia
Wannabe tough guys graphically exposed, fraudulent foes
Atlanta housewives like Kordell’s porsha, rolex replicas
Monopoly money, stimulus package better come quickly
If this was Mexico, foes’ flows would be worth dos pesos
Emaciated verses gaunt as ISIS hostages, skeletal status
Senseless try to play supermen when they’re Mighty Mouses
Tempurpedic knuckles, under a little pressure quick to buckle
They claim nerves of steel but are shook like pitbull mandibles
Bulls turned Sammy Gravano rats, lip gloss smeared like paps
Feebly anemic quick to panic like schizophrenics’ medics
Holocaust orphanage carnages, mass-scale miscarriages
Sperm gurglers in RuPaul mode, Valentino Liberace disrobed
Always maxi pad weaponry drawn, feminine wash brawn
And these neutered cats think they’re legends like John?
Not long ago Chrissy said they’re Trump pussy ass bitches
Penis garages venereal diseases, hymens torn to pieces
T.I.’s gynecologist fractured wrists, heterosexual blacklist
Masculinity strayed, all gays at parades on Easter Sunday
I’ll be labeled a queer basher for how I rebuke faggot rappers