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Thread: Anyone Else Still Using Winamp?

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    Default Anyone Else Still Using Winamp?

    I am still using Winamp after 20+ years. v. 5.623 however old that is.

    Have others moved on to better programs for music playback?

    I am looking for a program that will play mp3 wav flac and other common audio files but also let me pitch songs up or down like a turntable.

    I also want help with any expansions or better dll's or plugins people have to improve winamp

    Or just convince me to abandon winamp.

    Also, can we please steal the content from google and youtube and post it somewhere else. I worry that youtube or google will hijack content and we will lose a treasure chest of videos and music from those jackasses.]

    Also I am looking for a program that is efficient for mixing different audio files. Raw like a dj mixer. drag and drop. Something raw like MixVibes but slightly improved.
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