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Thread: X Men dropped twenty years ago today.

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    Default X Men dropped twenty years ago today.

    I remember being soooooooo excited for this. Was worth every penny. I remember Wizard magazine doing one of their speculative castings for this movie, Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier was the only person that actually made it into the film for real. Did not know who the fuck Hugh Jackman was at the time, but remember being highly impressed by this newcomer as our beloved Wolverine.
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    the start of a great franchise, most of the movies (I'm counting the solo movies too) have been solid to excellent. My fav is X-Men First Class. I'm a history buff, having the Cuba Crisis in there was a major plus. Great overall scenario and of course good actors.

    Haven't seen Dark Phoenix, can't comment on it.

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    I like X-men..... The first couple of movies where ok but then it went off on a tangent and now itís a bit all over the place? Sir Ian Mckelop as magneto was my favourite character.

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    Yes. He portrayed Magneto very well.. I remember some people were calling him Fagneto because Sir Ian McKellen is openly gay..
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    and they all sucked to me except for first class

    peep the new Vid


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