What like it yea yes coming slow I can't wait for it I'm going to buy where to travel with these pop out doors like no I would not leave you on the porch I would yes wake you are you the one like I wouldn't tell you you would be in your bed inside your room where to be spending time all good my electric guitar wherever the district the deep low of bass do we wake up and know there is some other person like one we can meet meet up what why what does she want to do it's like I wake up and though invisible see through I'm still on my bed I wake up I don't know if I want to go through the wall today if I fall I can land slow with very good timing I think I enter an exit I like appear somewhere else with this trail it's done for when I can go a nice acceleration pressing on keys random how that sound can it wake me up like caffeine here all see through I no not faded just very much light like skis but on concrete sidewalks whatever the shape I like no not it's like do how we have we have we how like uh um we like um have we oh I have we just like yes I do think we have just when when we just meet how we like have we met met there is one I do like I do really understand what it is like to lose here right now like what do you want to hear how far would I go standing on two feet it's like that connection I think I have tried to get I would just sit here to hear like what do we articulate whoever is in charge I would dust them they must be clean would they ever come convey with me nowhere to go one day will I ever be will I ever be seen it's like running around going against imaginary obstacles I do I have to go through I must go through I would run another lap leaving that home who me yes I be here like who is I to how yes it's me I must how can I like can how can I like I I want I I do I do want to see around my globe I would go anywhere I have seen on t v when you miss then you how you flee how would I be like that eagle or anything type of bird that just chills he likes to fly by where to go today I can see he wants to go and take that airing like when you be here you like oh yes I like out of all but of the many how yes I know no like not or how about no like is there yes all this everything it has to come out how you be how it must I yes no I do not have to go like I must not I do no not I must not go so moonstruck no not today where like we we have gone you where can this device be all everything somehow I can let these pass by where how where is it going I cannot but I can can try to no here now my me like I be who right in this I just be I be who what can I like yes where how where must I it it dins trying to be calm I must make this come out oh man like oh no I yes it like it has it it must I like yea it has to come out to be here how did this how did it appear however this distant we must take it slow not too far not too much it I I can consider it may go somewhere still to try and continue this yes I think gravity can sort of throw me of course like wind it is so large the eventual is eccentric but no we must come to today in whatever place I be I would still try to give it beer cap into the trash I would just be coming with myself where how far-off can I go to just be doing it myself it would always be like this so where yes I no not nothing like just yes I want to do it it my way whoever that honey be I to want to and be like yes I can will still practice where can it lead me here with me for a bit I can't leave it but I want I would want to grow be here and do this do it what what else can I throw I want this to keep coming like yes I wow it just let me to a place and now it's like trying to move like if I'm in water but there is no water see here yes please don't leave how I like how it comes out I like it yes it Is so crazy I me like what where how I still no I can see whatever i have made still like this from here and now to try and keep going I don't want to leave and still do it so yea yes how I like that pen with ink and that paper it goes together with