Where must I go like now with less gumballs or a heavy ass cup of some cold ass soft drink where do I have to pass an nba jam 360 still in hang time like the glide that goes and comes from a far away how must it stop but how who takes it away would something played make sound and deliver how do those vans know who would that fool be who dresses up and goes to and try to pick up or go meet up almost there around what was it like like when you had to not be there how yes you you have to escape what does the flurry say yes how a tornado takes me nah no but wind hits how cold is it like trying to run for something fence doors closed I think I can go through I may need to go all encompassing up and down steps would I open locked doors I wouldn't want to rest and sit who is the one that sits next to me and comes out of nowhere but somehow wants to chill and hit me up she just kickin now gone like where does how where has it gone where can it somehow the illustration wherever our home is nothing but corn we put on a pan however they 're made but they 're good tell me it isn't is it lost no what it it is so it has it is so so so gone man yes like some dude that no what shifts time how old is our moon for how many years have lights in outer space been back down I won't be here forever who is going to like this him some almost 20 years later I always say goodbye for evermore like an empty bottle thrown out does it have to go it has to be that course will I ever be new no matter how long we are here will some be to my side looking like that I would want to go play outside only the body has changed to just be there and be carried away I wonder will I grow again will I ever be with hair slick back it's like I can do anything I would listen to all kinds of music to feel I to I have to trip I yes I still will feel some I to be there how a book that is read would feel and trip I wouldn't want to put it away but I would have somewhere like a shelve but just anywhere how about a desk to be good the only running would be to just go home and I would tire promenading in I would drop my backpack and sit in the living room trying to not pass out how my house has rooms in and out day and when the sky is visible what i mean when you can see the tinkles yes they were much brighter to keep going to be ready like if constellations help me where to go this season I still be looking yes I want to have taken a nap and have to be revived up and with yellow lights look at t v and be told to go to my room and sleep yes the overlays yes always yes how your gum looks i grew I never noticed yes I want to be in a car and knocked out whatever the radio station is playing and just be arrived nice and warm and go in how days start but that nightfall is cool yes we have to rise