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Thread: Grand Turismo Sport PS4/XBOX

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    Thumbs up Grand Turismo Sport PS4/XBOX

    Good game! I know that I'm two years late but that's due to me reading negative opinions on this game. Great graphics, good cars, and overall stunning.

    This isn't NFS or any arcade racing game with boost. Grand Turismo Sport campaign will teach you how to drive and win races.

    I'm looking forward to PS5.
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    Brock's the reason I can't browse Wu Corp when the kids are in the room.

    I love the muscle cars in Forza Motorsport. The graphics have come a long way since I gamed. My kids are still playing nintendo mario stuff.

    I've always preferred sony over microsoft for gaming consoles.

    But if I were on the market today I'd probably pick the one that has better online multiplayer functionality and which console can be hacked easier for roms

    Gran Tourismo seems more realistic and better implemented.


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