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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    Never envious like Thomas was of Black Jesus
    Blood cult of ISIS, missile launches to nemesis
    Mr. Freeze verses chilled like mortuary corpses
    Stone Cold Austin, flow too frozen for defrostin’
    Portland protests upheavals, pupils’ axis of evil
    Hell escapee, animosity on trails of purgatory
    When I murder mercilessly like Richard Kuklinski
    Boa constrictor fingers how they squeeze heaters
    Cartel henchman vivid visions of annihilation
    Homicidal like Adam and Eve’s firstborn in bible
    Concoctions of severe pain how I play maim games
    Dee Brown how I pump you up with lead blatantly
    Colombian neck ties when I hang those that wanna be fly
    Cauterize their human rights with welder’s Fahrenheit
    Nuclear curses of Hiroshima elevated radiation doses
    Extremely fatal to rivals like anti-feminist lawyer’s rebuttals

    Next Word: Tolerations

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    Tolerations of pig murders like Tahmir Rice and Sandra Bland will no longer be tolerated
    Shotgun outcomes like Malcolm's
    X marks the po-lice annihilated
    Dallas Sniper like Micah Johnson
    The Mechanic of Murder Charles Bronson
    Sipping O.J. in the Bronco fleeing from LAPD like Simpson
    Hollow points give them deformity symptoms
    The shock absorbed malfunction to suspension
    The National Memorial For Peace and Justice opened a museum to showcase my lynchings
    Martha Steward cooking emcee receipees
    Hypertension as I apply pressure with melodies
    Die in their sleep like Ms Melodie
    Unhealthy as organ meats that give heart disease
    Lyrically I Rodney King opposition in the streets
    Next word fiberboard

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    ISIS sympathizer, Salafi jihadist sniper
    Death is my roommate cause I live reckless
    Charles Manson manic depressive diagnosis
    Albert Einstein mind, Aaron Yates with TEC-9
    Prime Tyson artillery, rapid fire weaponry
    Savagely assault a king like LAPD did Rodney
    Fred Trump Sr. sociopathic tyranny
    Lyrically I devise deadly bombs like Iraqis
    Barbarism is a must, rabid jackal bloodlust
    Named my gat John Holmes cause it’s dyin' to bust
    Quartz Analog alarm clocks sound like gun shots
    Covid-19 on mic how I’ll quickly ground your flight
    OJ Simpson detained convict tight blade grips
    Lorena Bobbitt plasma drips from severed larynx
    Wild boar tusks perforate botoxed facial pores
    Hoard of emcees get deformed like wet fiberboard

    Next Word: Tripwires

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    Tripwires become Marty's Frontline war starters
    Holy snapbacks once the drums attached I fire farther
    Fifty rounds to expire many men by the podium
    Even if they play possum it's gonna cost em
    Ashes in urns no receipts for essence returns
    Head damage branded like Mike Jack scalp burns
    Firms get broken blame it on the biz of heartless fugitives
    Foxy Brown bitches goggle my kids born the grimiest
    Lynching mobs guerillas in the mist with ruckus experience more foul than the Tuskegee air experiment
    Tubman running from the master unaware of where I went
    Hints are none crew flamingo flock the block with
    Cocked guns
    Thicker than unshaved pussy bushes once your sliced blood gushes
    Like hoes squirting I'm hurting Hoegans heroes
    Hulk smash it's going down like a plane crash at last
    Andre the giant weight on the scale to get the fast cash
    Next word pendulum
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Homicidal ambiance inevitable
    No mercy magnums of Dirty Harry
    Rancor ammo thru emcees’ satin Starters
    Murderous obsession in a rhyme session
    Beretta beams, guillotines’ sadistic genes
    Slaughter trances of anti-Hitler plotters
    Cocked Glocks, shottys pumped like Reeboks
    Doomsday slug spray size of giant named Andre
    Retaliatory incidents, Unit 731 experiments
    Medulla oblongata incisions with no anesthesia
    Grills sliced with scalpels size of Nique windmills
    Crimson-colored leakage, savage pilgrimage
    Too late for morphine dose, chrome close comatose
    Streets littered with my enemies’ coroner’s sheets
    Catastrophic intuition devastation of Final Destination
    Under fiery sun corpses suspended to swing like a pendulum

    Next Word: Grievous

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    Let's rock have rappers screaming like Marvin Gaye when his pop's hit him with chest shots
    It's grievous how I throw on a scream mask and rob dealer's on a hot block
    It wasn't me deprive your energy like a blunt and a fifth of Hennessy
    See I stay with a weapon like people who have suicidal tendencies
    Selling crack heads baking soda on the first and third
    So I can get my son Jordan's and myself an ounce of herb
    He depends on me like homeless people depend on shelters
    Act crazy the bullet melt ya Mantra brings Helter Skelter
    Then I disappear like Hoffa to return to cause chaos like Sheepish
    Hitting hard like Chavez bars put em in the sleeper
    I'm the grim reaper in Tim's giving badboys puffy eyes for not buying me cheesecake
    Spit at Jake's when they drive by bringing hell for heaven's sake
    More savage than gangbangers shooting up a wake

    Next word tediously

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Y’all know mantra of three-headed monster Ghidorah
    Fearsome foe of Mothra, ardous archenemy of Godzilla
    Put on earth to cause destructive chaos of Sheepish
    Savage mentality for damage, bloodthirst for carnage
    Unleashed gravity beams when we spit flammable kerosene
    Three emcees with dragon-like features in this motion picture
    Titanic ice boulders, our temperaments can’t get any colder
    Lyrically we’re a big problem like sexual assaults in military
    Ghastly attacks executed with impunity, grisly visionaries
    Enmity of Manson’s entourage, ill-will intent never camouflaged
    Unimaginable crimes only seen on Al Jazeera’s television channel
    Heinous terrorists like Hamas with loose cannon of Bobby Knight at Indiana
    Mexican cartel sicarios’ callous, nemesis’ skinned faces
    We take orders to leave foes maskless like Trump supporters
    Deadly assaults of gunshots to heads like Ashley Mattingly
    We love to bury our enemies so murders are never tediously

    Next Word: Benefactors

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    Benefactors of more contract killings than Murder Inc.
    Loose lips made the ship sink I build my think tank on the path to destruction I'm standing on the brink
    Disrespectful like calling a Chinese man a chink catch a chop like cooks cutting vegetables
    My flow length unmeasurable
    Silent murders are pleasurable
    To the demons in human form
    Sicker on the norm like pedophiles who watch kiddie porn
    I'm torn between being reformed and scorn
    When the guns drawn a bloody picture is formed
    So what the brain processes becomes PTSD
    So for some a blunt and a bottle is therapy
    God telling me forget Satan you better be aware of me
    I bring light to emcees like Christmas trees
    Fist to the face as Jake snake the block on freeze
    Redundant to the day I leave militant minded ambushing my enemies in bushes rocking camouflage fatigue's
    Next word imbellish
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    Murder ink pen strokes of anger
    Horrific horrors deranged author
    Lyrically sick as mixin’ Covid-19 with HIV
    Child of corn too wicked to be reformed
    Ardent lieutenant of evil like Malachai
    Mutated mind of where the hills have eyes
    Psyche fungal, too abominable to be humble
    Cujo rabid habits, animalistic instincts
    Heredity beastly, Neanderthal ancestry
    Evolutionary anomaly, Ted Bundy psychiatry
    Borderline insanity, reason I’m not guilty
    Unsanitary conditions, cerebral perdition
    Heroin addiction hallucinations warp vision
    Irrational thoughts of amputees with Glocks
    Overnight heavy menstrual leakage fetish
    Mental too depraved for Satan to try to embellish

    Next Word: Hyperbole

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    Hyperbole lyricism is at an all time high
    Pressure applied by a samurai who's radar's his third eye
    Dove's cry as the Prince commence to hover darts Cover arts a modulus of war sharks
    From bull to tiger I hammerheads
    Duck the feds free the captives then continue cutting heads
    Red Fantasia brains blown out the blazer
    Lava hot to melt top notch egg batter Punches Hagler
    Then transform to Shavers u niggas battery operated like pagers
    War major with more razers the murder statistic raiser
    Pins stuck in heads bodies crippled from lead fire
    Another dead sire wrapped in wires
    Empire's expired switch gears like ten speeds ducking me like fiends duck recovery

    Next word promiscuous

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    Samurai blades plot one’s demise
    Body parts spread like Trump does pernicious lies
    Guillotine bloodshed how I hammer heads
    Tom Ferebee bombardier, morbid melodies to ears
    I hear sinister voices that’s why I reply to demons
    Young Mike Tyson self-destruction compulsion
    Mad cattle lurker, I love beef like farm workers
    I don’t smoke rocks I hurl Mt. Rushmore boulders
    Hagler marvelous when I wreck like Earnie Shavers
    I’m comfortable with vast deaths like county coroners
    Fatal shots fired with Brandon Lee prop pistols
    Pulverized spleens after metal baton crack fiends
    Irreversible damage of HIV blood infusions
    Mexican assassin keepin’ mortuaries open
    Immense doses of Chinese human rights abuses
    Licentious verses fu** all nemesis cause they’re promiscuous

    Next Word: Admonish

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    We run laps to reach enemies to make sure lungs collapse
    Savage as a castration attack nobody wants it with axe
    Get played like a sax floor em like a kick to the nutsack
    More savage than Trump grabbing vagina's get your neck cut like R. Kelly in prison for raping minors
    Battling is a dumb decision like Roy Jones Jr. Fighting Iron Mike
    Even heroes run for cover like homeless people in the winter
    Petrified I'm crazier than the Chinese Red Army who chose to have Mao mummified
    Death isn't welcomed it's promised
    In the end it comes with no admonish

    Next word chemical bonds

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    Lungs collapse when I flex Patrick Bateman axe
    Cooked cocaine how wack cats get easily cracked
    Spines left as crooked as Rev. Leon Lonnie Love
    With OJ Isotoner gloves masses get disposed of
    I give them the business of coronavirus stimulus
    Septums deviated, heads Swiss cheese after grated
    Biscuits to your mascaras like they were selfie sticks
    In a Jarrett Hurd swift wigs lift while craniums shift
    Cockpit terrorists take shots of chronic alcoholics
    Pistols’ superheated particles riddle anatomicals
    Mangled clavicles dangle off draggled mandibles
    Massacre your physical like Holocaust criminals
    I catch bodies of wide-receivers turned coroners
    Innocent bystanders can’t bear to watch grizzly murders
    Blood flow extremely heavy like Carrie White at her prom
    Riven atoms couldn’t be put together with chemical bonds

    Next Word: Casseroled

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    Casseroled like tuna they catch the lunar
    To get eclipsed with clips and become ghosts of darkness
    Blocks shift as my drift comes
    Slap bandits with big guns
    Money on heads like beeswax on dreads
    We came to conquer the pilgrimage was an out of town bid
    My scripts puzzle like the arctecrure of pyramids
    Spit on the hardest artist arteries split
    I'm UFO high I'm Most Wanted but like a Compton gangster I do lyrical drive by
    Give em five minus the hands
    American smoked by the bandstand
    Any guy's catch a demise you and ya man's
    Trife like the God I murderered your brand
    And took ever your trademark so let's trade sparks
    Fuck Cupid my darts invade hearts
    I master your slave thoughts

    Next word conveyed
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    Penitentiary bars ain’t this hard
    Been lyrically sick as The Rock’s family
    Deadly ambitions of Sunni politicians
    Freddy Krueger mind of Wes Craven
    San Quentin lifer turned sicario sniper
    Dirty Harry magnum guns big as Pun
    Revolvers’ silencers size of GTO mufflers
    Derringer gunslinger, equal to Grim Reaper
    Carnage pilgrimage when I pillage your village
    Jaguar Paw how fast I mutilate upper jaws
    Dr. Claw shreds like Leatherface chainsaws
    Masses thwarted while their growth stunted
    Counterfeit emcees are Malibu’s Most Wanted
    Sean James and PJ, actors fake murderous ways
    This Benny Blanco displayed enjoyment of gunplay
    Slug spray Carlito Brigante’s way how it is conveyed

    Next Word: Manacles

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