Hey hi so where and how who you must yes I it was such a very long but everything how it appears like what no I do want it to all yes like no not no garden sprinklers how about buckets that dropped they pick them up but yes like it goes up and we may or may yes we have how it yup we see like it is just rising what to press I yes press a button and like yes the channel it appears with a light it is squared the antenna hooked up to the back but yes to be in this scene so yes when it rises how you feel like when you dry yes you go so a bunch of places but then when it wants to go how you feel whatever clouds or wherever the place a wind originates it hits yes it can send you back it can let you be in a spot like where must I pass through some are up twenty four hours if they do not mess up it goes all crazy from train stations to other trains how about deep if you want but to come back like they re are nice apartments you to stay out there I know we must want to go somewhere so what who and how it goes so we yes to follow that page that it leads like a compass it says get the heck out of here we yes and what we do we follow it tells us go towards we go in that community to reach like we go up yes I do once on the stairs the steps to reach the top I to look up or to see what is there to yes a nice view but to get back down to go down a trail it leads it would be like yes rides that can take slides and not pop I would be able to go anywhere to be out once a sort of shine that reaches quite a distance right there in silence or low sounds coming out of an old radio that plays compact discs it was before the web one that connects oh how I miss but what is playing it's like they twinkle I think they let you know but what are they reflective somehow late night who made that one that goes North and South but it's finished and complete sometimes yes there are detours they can take us to a house with some tea but where we must be at its like one day i can be like whatevers and somehow yes how I would like to prefer a binder I can really talk to it gives me a hurt cause this is I mean I do I it is so out of one s mind how we sense like is that but what are I we who you choose me what is it can we see where are we at what time is it how old are we are we here what it is we say bottles your touch in a certain spot is it walking in but never notice taking a break but I came back would some who would do like do there probably isn't anybody out there perhaps it can be affectionate gentle like stuff in our dreams lotion smell to look I have to look twice how like how like I must go deep how it is we hold a hand and have to go where is it we have to progress don't you want to be close standing next to each other we speak is it like it is all done it's like I want to go out but I have gone out and I have to stay here so you feature somebody can be there he has left but not one wherever we shall anywhere the most divine creation how it is when you are no longer where is it where I can sit and say only it is a thought that comes to world when the journal stays