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    WB just can't get it right. If this is true, I will not see this bullshit. Henry Cavil plays an excellent Superman so why the reboot? Last year, WB stated that a Superman film won't be successful at a time like this so why the hell are they rebooting the franchise with a bullshit director/producer like J.J. Abrams? Ta-Nehise Coates as the writer? Jesus Christ! This man is super political. This film WILL flop is it comes to life.

    Justice League director Zack Snyder calls Henry Cavill "our" Superman in a post released just after a Superman reboot movie was reported. Snyder's cut of Justice League is due for release in just under three weeks on HBO Max, more than three years since the original theatrical version, which was overseen by replacement director Joss Whedon, was released. Snyder's Superman is played by Henry Cavill, who first played the role in 2013's Man of Steel, and will be seen in the black suit using heat vision in the Snyder Cut.

    Cavill is reportedly keen to return as Superman at some point in the future, even if Warner Bros. and DC aren't as keen. Today's report that a J.J. Abrams-produced Superman reboot movie is in development with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates attached seems to confirm, though, that his version of the character has either been retired, or at least put on the backburner. The new Superman movie will reportedly introduce a black Man of Steel, a first for the big screen, and something that would definitely rule out Cavill's return, at least in that movie.

    Just after the announcement, Snyder took to social media to post a picture of Cavill as Superman, and the caption seems to reference the new development. In the accompanying caption, Snyder calls Cavill "our" Superman, perhaps a not-so-subtle nod to the recasting reports. He does mention that the image has been shared in preparation for tomorrow's Justice League panel at the IGN fan fest, so the timing could just be a coincidence.

    Whether he meant to or not, though, Snyder's word usage makes it seem like he's referring to Friday's report, and it would certainly be a surprise if he hadn't heard the news, not only because of his connection to DC and Warner Bros., but also simply because the news of the Superman reboot movie was immediately big news all over the world. Of course, if it is a reference to the recasting, it's likely not a dig at the new movie.

    Snyder has gone on record as saying he's moved past the DC Extended Universe (beyond finishing up Justice League) and so he's probably just acknowledging that there are multiple version of Superman, including Cavill's, as well as Superman & Lois'Tyler Hoechlin, and now whoever ends up getting cast in the reboot. Whatever the intent behind the post, it's clear that Snyder is supporting Cavill, not a surprise given he cast him as Superman in the first place, and put his weight behind three movies with him, ending his arc with Justice League.
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    What is so bad about JJ Abrams? Not a fan of his, just wondering why you are down on the idea of him as director/producer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b-dolo View Post
    What is so bad about JJ Abrams? Not a fan of his, just wondering why you are down on the idea of him as director/producer.
    He isn't the best choice when it comes to production. Star Wars and Star Trek for example. WB should allow Henry Cavil the opportunity to finish his tenure as Supes. They owe him a sequel based on his contract, right? Man of Steel 2 was suppose to be released but WB flat out lied and then pulled this crap. No wonder Christopher Nolan departed ways from WB.
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    Word is they wanna hire a black actor to play Supes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutman View Post
    Word is they wanna hire a black actor to play Supes.
    This is totally fine as any Kryptonian can be Superman. My thing is Henry Cavil should get another film. He was robbed.
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