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Thread: Word Puzzlez Lyrics by Caper

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    Default Word Puzzlez Lyrics by Caper

    Murderous words, bursting the blurbs, Itís absurd demurred on you funny turds
    I prefer some curse words. Drinking some Jack Daniels with my speech all slurred
    On this beat I serve a can of whoop ass, swerving throughout the lanes
    Watching the streets just pass, while the lights flickering in the hallway fast
    No, No, No time for stuttering, Iím slamming the shutters, I'm smothering
    And uncovering while I keep it gutter
    Iím armed with lyricism while stuck in hypnotism, they call it trap music
    Cause it blurry your vision with an eye in the middle and the rest is a prism
    Then you wonder why you always feel trapped in a prison
    Iím taking the time, to tell you in my rhyme, whatís on my mind
    When I go and design, when the truths all blind, we unrefined in this mankind
    Races not aligned, Iím inclined to rewind that our minds are unconfined
    Iím ripping a rhyme, dismissing a line, the mission is fine, you walking on a landmine
    Dismissing your life, its prison for life, when you do it for the vine
    Losing your time, crushing your spine, sniffing a line, the rhythmic is mine
    Who cares if you did some petty crimes, its your pitiful excuse for your nursery rhymes
    We call it a war crime, its headline despised on you petty guys, but when radio plays it
    They like whoís that guy?

    2nd Verse
    Its unfortunate everybody can't be proportionate stalking with an abortion
    But never cautious with the portions you offering, is it a perfectionist portrait or waste of a fortune
    It doesnít take a brain surgeon to see the your brains in distortion
    Spontaneous contortion, enforcing the importance of metamorphosis, so much endorsement
    That its forcing precautions, its like two cars racing down the street and they crash in front of each other
    And you notice both cars are Porsches
    Iím from the grain, the pain a different strain; Iím ripping my brain, my rhymes turning me insane
    Iím eating so much bread that itís causing a weight gain, Iím sipping champagne
    Pretty soon Iíll be wearing tight clothes like women and lil wayne
    Iím more addicted then rich bitches eating biscuits, I sniff a beat and throw up a rhyme without listening
    So many crabs while you taking a dab, Iím overdosing and choking smoking beats in the lab
    I take a jab, fuck it I take a stab and leave you in a revolving door like Lindsey Lohan sniffing coke in rehab
    I rip your abs while Iím building my abs; Iím snatching you fast leaving me able to catch your glass
    I walk fast on Halloween donít wear a mask but I bare black gloves with a machete on hand
    I attack you while Iím doing handstands, clipping your mans, laughing because itís funny while
    Iím doing a dance, my sharp blade; Iíll leave you afraid and slayed, your feeling betrayed
    And sprayed, punched in the face and laid, itís my crusade to invade and get paid
    Throw you a little shade until I persuade for some first aid, I'm sipping some Kool-Aid
    While I march in a parade, I displayed a lyrical raid until you evade and dissuade
    Iím barbaric, you generic thinking numeric, Iím esoteric, my solders waiting in the barracks
    Iím sarcastic melting you like plastic, holding plastic cup drinking liquor you bastard
    Smacking you quick, making you back flip in shit, stabbing your four tires with my knife in your whip
    I crush hymens with the pressure to create diamonds, perfecting my whole rhyming and timing
    While you running from sirens, with my alliance we pilot into horizons flying into the highlands
    And climbing in different climates, we the titans, some giants, some hungry lions, dropping real science
    While you rapping in silence, hellís wrath is fire so you call the firemen, while we stuck in a continent nobody is hiring

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    Dope, I remember the track.

    Come build with the gawd

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