Probably not what u actually call them, but games like walking dead and life is strange. Shit where a lot of it is just passively watching, but u make decisions in how to steer conversations n what actions to choose n shit.

I love these games. They're probably my favorite, cos I don't generally like being challenged by games or anything. Usually I just wanna chill n watch everything unfold while still having an interactive experience.

The walking dead games r fucking great. Also fucking loved wolf among us, n awaiting the sequel. Just played thru life is strange, n the first 2 chapters of before the storm. Fuc'n great stuff. Heavy rain n beyond I don't quite put in the same category, but really loved those too.

Recently ordered the council too. Also have man of Medan n little hope, which I believe r also in this vein. N Detroit become human.

Any other cunts here into these kind of games, n what r some titles u'd recommend?