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Thread: Legality of full strip searching leading up to or during arrests

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    Default Legality of full strip searching leading up to or during arrests

    we've had some serious upheaval down here when recent testimonies ,backed up by provisionary figures now too, have shown that full strip searches of teens and twenty somethings have become increasingly standard operating procedure for the police during COVID lockdowns

    I fail to see how asking young people to remove all clothes for being out after curfew (!) or when seemingly walking 'suspiciously' in the 'wrong' neighborhood in the evening is relevant

    since a mother and her twenty year old son logged an official complaint recently with the authorities that are in place to check up on the police, many many people have come forward. I was surprised myself. the way I see it all the people who have come forward clearly depict instances where a strip search is totally uncalled for

    you might shrug it off but in that case I take it you haven't undergone a full strip search. I have and let me tell you it is (obviously) very degrading and it does not help you to look kindly upon the police afterwards

    is the police in your neck of the woods equally fast and loose with the unwarranted full strip searches?

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    Not with strip searches. But police do like to pull over/queation individuals with no proable cause. They just make up some BS like you fit the description of someone who is wanted and then try to search your vehicle or ask your recent where abouts.

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