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    So I was forced to take a break from the forum and lost my rep points although I was still wutang fam and I was allowed to come back with a promotion. Anyways my thread “my music projectilllogic” got over 50,000 views and my thread “proof I am enlightened” got over 10,000 views. Anyways at least one of those threads got removed when I was forced to take a break from the forum and I respectfully request that both of them at minimum get put back into the archives

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    Im talking about my “proof im enlightened thread” it got over 10,000 views, it was a popular book, its religious, and negative forces caused me to cut WAY too deep, i was punished, the book was moderated, it starts and ends precisley, and its a good thread and im doing better now and im back.

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    “Proof im enlightened” got removed because negative forces caused me to cut WAY too deep but it got moderated and they chose the perfect moment to end it, i was punished, and if that didnt happen i might have had as many rep points as satan cuz after that i went viral on wordpress with over 130,000 words and over 10,000 people made the pilgrimage to that site

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    What is wordpress?

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