just a little quick EP, been a while since i released anything solo, smh, and that was beginning to bother me lolz.

8 tracks, twenty minutes long.

first beat is a Lord Zero beat, idk if he still posts here or not, havent seen anything from him lately, also i myself havent been on here much lately either smh, been busy with life among other things.

nevertheless, rest of the credits are on the bandcamp as are the lyrics for those interested.

surprised youtube hasnt deleted the video due to the album artwork yet, im sure they will be getting around to it but until then...

mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hqrnf...ee_EP.zip/file
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/misteryo814/s...t-top-emcee-ep
bandcamp: https://misteryo.bandcamp.com/album/...t-top-emcee-ep

well surprisingly with whatever the hell happened with that first attempt at a thread, the site luckily saved all my original post so i am going to try this again. hopefully one of the mods can delete that other thread that totally did not go through, thanks.