So how do you let me know what i to be all here like i wonder what you be like at the moment be so what you yes i know in your own room in your pad house what so you like it do you like house music cuz i do but somehow you have a light on with some kind of brightness i think they re everywhere but it lets us do things when that summer freshness is out not so cool like spring but light poles be like you can stay or leave yes and they can let you see how long do we have it just seems weeks pass by but all i can be is be exposed to oxygen and yes i think pretty soon maybe in a while but some day time or when the sky goes from light blue to dark blue yes i would enjoy something with ice yes i know you are fine as fine as the finest ever how fine are you like that trip if you do i wonder what you be coming up to yourself like when i would walk out like what yes that expression something like would a phone ring or make a sound yes you did get that message would i be no not but yes that smile and grin whatever you be trippin on me just right here saying hi yes like when you know the baseball turns into an orange