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    quick keystyle..

    .. who am I?..


    corleone demolishes fellas, who are predominantly jealous,
    stellar vocabulary.. to service my adversaries in approximately-seconds//
    I'll bombard the spot when I wreck shit.. and drop knowledge in reverence,
    scholar like.. type to script a verse for theological-preference//
    supreme intelligence, it's evident that my knowledge' a weapon,
    knowledge is power, acknowledge how astounding my text is//
    acknowledge the countless testaments I've written over promising records,
    from hit records such as those that I could arguably mention//
    but why argue, in essence?.. nor debate music with ones retarted perception,
    and portray my creativity for ones heart for attention?..//
    who am I?.. come walk with a legend,
    as I take you down a path of his darkest obsession//
    on how the many songs he wrote, are among his collection,
    and how the many bars and hooks, took his art to perfection//
    .. apart from his legacy, he's grown to a marvelous lesson,
    that is.. only trust in God and divine intervention//
    .. you see, some are destined to fall and die in oppression,
    on the other hand.. my will to survive keeps me alive in its trenches//
    .. as the world spins and many suffer from the mildest depressions,
    some are taken by suicide, while some die by the wildest of methods//
    .. around my way, everyday, people die from infections,
    diseases of sorts, mistreated causes and violent offenses//
    .. from timeless adventures, dating back to acts where crimes were relentless,
    to drug epidemics where many fell.. lied my priceless successes//
    .. who am I? I am a blessing, beyond righteous and destined,
    preciseve, impressive.. enlightened by the light I'm projectin'//
    despite my offenders, I'm quite interesting..
    but I'm never interested in interests by the likes of these yes men//
    .. corleone is a boss, who's twice as demented,
    than anyone in suggestion, to those who ought to be mentioned//
    or ought to be questioned.. alotta fraudulent reppin',
    who talk a good game, but never touched or off'd any weapons//
    .. cor lost in his matrix, it's somewhat a dimension,
    filled with planets and bars he kicks like loss reception//
    in his own multi-universe.. next to mars and saturn,-
    where God's and chariot's dwell, amongst the stars we live in//
    .. who as raw as he is? nobody in the face of existence,
    his greatest ambitions date back to the early slave transitions//
    before white collared criminals were mistaken for prisoners,
    before albert pikes inquires were conveyed as religious//
    .. corleone reigned in his image and was proclaimed the greatest at spitten,
    where his chamber was hidden and later revealed as satans crypt then,-
    later came his debut appearance on what we call today, a television,
    where reporters stated they witnessed live, his hellish entrance//
    his overall defense skills could leave you all defense-less,
    a master of martial arts, with a charming-presence//
    .. he's in all, relinquished.. a fan of his past victorious efforts,
    where his talents were proved for slaughtering all those who would test him//
    .. a true warrior on his quest, in solidifying his name,
    new yorks own.. corleone, the livest in the game//

    (to be continued)
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