quick keystyle..


cor the deepest writer on the face of existence,
scriptures date back to ages where we reigned as egyptians//
.. to where we once wore exquisite robes and slayed our victims,
to where we once we're all praised for being alike and religious//
.. get blazed in the quickness, ak's, grenades, I'm arcenic,
relentless.. type to infiltrate your place in an instant//
I'm too authentic for anyone to recall as generic,
and too barbaric for anyone to war with or diminish//
I'm the type to invade extraterrestrials in space for a mission,
and take over the universe and the entire solar system//
I'm that vicious.. sicker than aids infected civilians,
sicker than dying patients who were never diagnosed they're illness//
.. observe the resilience, thoroughly brilliant,
words'll captivate your mind like a verbal tranquilivist//
.. cor the realest nigga alive, ubserd with the penmenship,
lyrically edicate, with verbs known to work your intelligence//
.. I serve my competitors whenever I grab the mic,
nigga, you ain't half as nice.. I write rhymes and re-capture life//
somethin like pacasso when I touch the canvas,
strong enough to crush the planet when my knuckles sandwich//
leave you wherever the fuck you standing.. for not understanding,
cor the rawest.. the hardest artist in the market,
flow subterrane radio wave signals to constant//
I drop shit,.. with scripts hot enough to make your pupils burst,
hotter than any sun multiplied by one throughout a multi-universe//
it's mathematics.. verbal mechanics surpass legendary,
'twist ya ass backwards'.. like flippin' caskets in cemeteries//
I rap facts kid.. if it's not concerning me.. it's secondary,
the main attraction.. never subtracted from any category..
.. 100!