quick keystyle..


the mind is a matter of thoughts, projected as one,
and thoughts carry a seamless, effortless tongue//
.. it's all perspective, what's perceived to lead to a hunch,
can be directed, as dreams turn to livings and such//
In retrospective, greed can delivers us crumbs,
and be neglected, diseased from the sinnin' and lust//
the streets is hectic, but weed keep a nigga in touch,
with the infection, and things like the women we fuck//
It's called respect kid, the game ain't built for us all,
but some are tested, and took for the people they are//
It's all connected, the food chain building our core,
gotta respect it.. without it, we are destined to fall//
the misconception, of that which presumes' to be God..
can misdirect us, If lead, to diminish our cause//
and be receptive.. If that, what distinguishes all,
can be a message, then whats going in these songs?//
.. and these records?, that keep spinning all night long,
.. to reject us, and play in subliminal form?//
It's relentless.. Hip-hop is soon to be gone,
.. but hip-hop is forever, and forever we live on..