quick keystyle..

here's the plan.. I'm a hit man ready to kill//
I got orders from the boss, an Italian male//
he'll put a price on your head just for running your mouth//
and as a hitman I get paid to gun up your house//
plottin out, on top of the building.. I start kneeling//
point the sniper rifle at the man I'm killing//
cold blooded with no feelings.. I'll gut his fuckin children//
and nail their body parts to the fucking upper ceiling//
money had it coming.. he stole a thousand and somethin', cash,-
so you know the boss wanted his ass gutted//
I put the blade to his stomach, gave it a slice//
watch the blood spill from his gut he begged for his life//
I was their recruit.. hired to kill and pursuit,
dressed in combat gear and military boots//
spent years, in warfare.. training in Beirut,
near the peare, by side of the tents.. with army troops//
cartels and planes.. ready to distribute,
.. cocaine I slang, steady to all my troops//
.. I keep my doe buried, buried under the booth,
beneath all my weapons and table, where I salute//
but also you should know that.. right side of the tropaz,
I wired some explosives.. safe guarding the loot//
.. a bomb specialist, war veteran..
slash chemist, in black markets.. and a marksmen//
In desert storm, I was caught for money laundering,
and discharged for drug trafficking//
.. I was court marshaled.. locked up, in Vietnam//
but escaped.. while some died awake, reading psalms//
in a lake.. while some died of pain, blaming God//
no mistake.. some died of aids, from these whores//
I was great.. something like the late chey gurraw,
but crime pays.. despite foul play and the law//
.. a connoisseur and a carnivore,
I drink wine and eat steak for dinner and live like a boss//
In my estate.. I own several cars,
A few homes, a few yachts and a few bars//
.. I train hard, and got a few scars,
.. and dog tags that hang below to my two balls//
.. My jobs' the target.. I see his kid in the apartment,
one of em' ran but lunged into something very awkward//
He fell face first down the hall.. A neighbor shouted, "Help!",
seeing this kid, collapsed on the floor//
.. I hit up the fuse box and jammed the elevator,
And prior.. I cuffed his sister to a radiator//
I had no choice but to kill em' both..
I was under oath and cleaning My scope off with kitchen soap//
Initially.. I was on the roof, particularly,-next store//
Meditating my visual to check gawd..
Yo, my shot missed and wrecked walls, I'm speeding down the next hall,
from next stores' building as I check pal.. //
I made it to the room.. unexpectedly, His kids checking me,
looking at me like this was the death of me//
I shoot their father, in his right arm..
to calm his kids down and make em' sit down, before-the-night-calmed//
I pulled my blade out and cut him where his stomach fade out,
that nigga laid out.. gushin' like something-came-out//
that's word on the bible..
His blood splattered on the wall.. down to my shoes, and unto my sniper rifle//
that's when I wiped the blood off the lens,
I seen his daughter cleansed, lookin' like she met God and made amends//
I uncuffed her than.. from the radiator,
she told me.. she believed in a lord and savior//
I watched her mourn on her father's corpse..
In the apartment, broken hearted.. crying, she had a dying voice//
I than offered her a finer choice..
and asked of her mother but she replied, her parents-were-divorced//
.. she started trembling, I told her to calm down,
and sooner or later, she'll be back with her mom now//
but first.. "let's talk, let me explain one thing"//
"you can't speak to anyone about today, or me"/
"you get it? I don't exist, we never met or spoke",
"for safe assurances.. please do as your told"//
"I need addresses.. aunt's, uncle's, adolescents",
"social security numbers and schools you've attended"//
".. secondly, I need pictures of you and your brother",
"but most importantly, pictures of you and your mother"//
"third of all.. I need some more information//
"like where your father stored his vehicle registration//
"from mortgages, to all documentations.. ",
".. including phone logs and conversations"//
"I need statements.. bill inquiries, with the dates and",-
"corporate locations.. starting from the latest"//
"last of all, I wanna say congratulations..",
".. and thank you for your cooperation.."//