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Thread: Metal Gear Beats Vol. 1: Signed with an S

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    Thumbs up Metal Gear Beats Vol. 1: Signed with an S

    Metal Gear Beats is a classic sample-based Hip-Hop production collective founded originally in the 90's by S (Shawn Lov) who has been an active New Jersey MC and producer since the late 80's and also a mentee of the legendary Tony D (Poor Righteous Teachers & YZ fame). The other half of MGB is Raiden, a very experienced beat-smith in his own right, who has become a full partner in the Metal Gear team over the course of many years and collaborative projects. The sound is early 90's East Coast, and the main tool for both producers is the legendary SP-1200.

    This collection (Vol. 1) is a generous helping of beats to serve as a free library of inspiration and place of respite for Dope MCs, young rappers with nothing except their homies trap computer beats to groove to. Friends in the hip-hop community, these are YOUR Beats! Please use them for your freestyles and projects or commercials free-of-charge, as long as it's Quality! CREDIT: METAL GEAR BEATS, and please spell it Right and Exact. P.E.A.C.E.

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    Good stuff, 5 through 10, 17,18 are standouts for me so far. Definitely worth repeat listens.

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