I flip dimez like coin collectorz,
to make dead presidentz,
Yeah, money likes its on a strecher
you gonna need one
to measure what I gross with each endeavor
burying treasure that you'll never know
Naive, like Blanche Devereaux
so much shit hit the market and froze
I might as well shovel snow
but whats a wiseguy to do
when the rent is due monthly
got a nigga losing weight,
running two companies
Stay-Lo, plus I got power movez incorporated
My chain glow, like a sorceror made it
I'm more courageous, even though my lifes in its darkest stages
A step away from incarceration,
In a cell, while rats run across the pavement
They say my path is sort of racist
Because I wont buy the white, but will divide the white
Lets all just sing silent night and have a quiet night
Over a few beerz,
My niggaz is dead and gone
But who cares?
It's New Years