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    ďYouíre not going to win a championship with just Luka doing this, so Iíll be the first person to say that.

    If itís only going to be about putting up numbers and winning regular-season games, and you want to keep that guy around, thatís fine, but if he canít give you something else on the other part of the court and help you and you canít win, then it doesnít make sense to have him

    It doesnít matter if youíre scoring 35 points a night if youíre giving up 34 on the other end. The Suns abused Luka defensively in game 2

    You need more guys around him but you also need more from Luka. Defensively that is not good enough. It doesnít equate to winning and you got blown out and lost by 20 in Game 2. Youíre not going to win anything when they take advantage of Luka like that defensively

    Listen, I get the offense and I get the numbers heís putting up. I get why all the analytics and the geeks go gaga over him, and heís a tremendous player Ė ON THE OFFENSIVE END. But thatís not going to get you anything

    Iím not asking him to be a stopper or shut out the other guy but it canít be that easy where they can put up 34 points in the second half on your star player. The 35 points on offense become moot, null, and void, and donít mean anything

    You have to figure out a way to make him adequate on defense so heís not exploited like that. You can keep him all you want, but Dallas ainít going to be winning no championship when you got your star player scoring 35 in a game, and giving up 34 in the second half.Ē

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    Guy just put up 33/11/8 to force a game 7. Any team would be better off with him in the line up.

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