lmao. that hook is one of the gayest things i have ever heard. i think i only listened to that song once. lolz.

i found Thug to be one of the most refreshing/unique artists i have ever heard. i really think he shouldered that whole trap style of rap. unfortunately he fell off really hard/... i dont even check for him anymore after the few projects i peeped were just really really bad. idk if he still smokes crack or not but that was when he was at the pinnacle. it doesnt seem like hes still getting high like that anymore. plus once he got a gf he started teetering off there as well imo. but that will happen in life.

as for interesting i found him to be very interesting, not only himself, but also his lines were engrossing and references crazy. he was particularly fascinating on twitter and instagram starting shit with whoever see fit and he was rather funny about it all too. his interviews showed a very mature and deep thinker who was fully in control of this almost nonsensical delivery and at times hard to decipher lyrics, and not too mention difficult to understand to begin with to the untrained ear.

i re listened to that "La La" track. i still very much like El-P. its just shameful that he cant even give fans a fire solo album nowadays its been 10 years. and the guy is obviously writing for RTJ just about everyday.