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Thread: How many chances do you give music that doesn't click with you instantly?

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    Default How many chances do you give music that doesn't click with you instantly?

    I have albums lying around I played like twice when I bought them and then was like 'nah son wtf is this shit?'. Years later I fish the album out of the depths of my closet out of curiosity or more often out of sheer boredom, throw it on and after a listen or two I start liking what I hear.

    Going on that experience when I buy something and don't like it these days I just continue listening stubbornly until I like it lol. What I do now too that I didn't use to is buy a live album of a band if I didn't like the studio album or comp I bought. I used to not really fuck with live albums like that but these days they really help me get into bands.

    I'm now spending quite a bit of time trying to get into Marillion for example.

    lol sorry for the lengthy diary entry

    so, do you give up quickly on music you don't like or do you return to it on a regular basis to give it another chance? any such bands?

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    It really depends there's no definitive way to answer that for me but I don't give music too many chances, I am usually a first listen and I know whether I like it or not. I might not be jumping out of my chair on the first listen but I either know there's enough there to hook me eventually or it isn't for me.

    As to whether and why I go back to check out stuff that doesn't click, sometimes my musical taste hasn't evolved to whatever is not clicking with me, sometimes I am in a different space when hearing it and need other things, sometimes I am biased against something for whatever reason and come back without the bias and it clicks, sometimes I don't click with something but later on I'll hear something else by that artist or in that genre and that clicks so I can go back to the original one and give it a try.

    I listened to Pet Sounds once about 15 years ago and probably not even the whole way through and I didn't like it and never went back to it. It keeps calling me but I put it off.

    When I was an early teen and Santana was big with that song with the guy from Matchbox 20 I used to think that's all he was, just an alright guitarist who had random singers on his albums so I never bothered to go deep. A few years ago I started checking out the band's works and he's one of my favourite guitarists and favourite bands.
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    I find most truly rewarding music is not immediately gratifying. Quite the opposite.

    Likewise I find that most immediately gratifying music doesn't hold much appeal in the long run.

    I can't answer your question, but I will say most of my favourite albums took quite a few listens for me to really understand and appreciate.
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