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    Just bored and buzzed up just feeling like talking some shit lol just for the fuck of it, unnoffical, under rated potential, I know,. I'm the god go lick my genitals, Odd is my job, verbal Tommy gun 2 stepn you yo, with no credentials as ya bro, pencil or a pen what would like in ya skull, I only weigh 130 nerdy and a goth thug bro, a Woodbee I be and be proud to you chew thru ya temple, no tempo even, spoken early bird word has you freaking it's another wu weeks worth of dirt so Im digging on the weekend creeping as you sleeping Dr s told me to quit drinking but im a tell you like I told my Dr he's coming no matter what who do you think is speaking, mainstream fags, I use there lyrics for cum rags fuck a reason it's duck season I don't give a fuck if I fuck you up when Im tweeking, west coast granola lola soldier barely breathing from all the fire coming out my mouth steaming, I still live with my pops, but he knows when I grab the mic shut the fuck up or walk I'm thinner than a gypsy curse, still a winner with this typsy verse, risky but what's the spot light worth, I'm on the perfect drug called hip hop when we fuck it hurts, but feels good as you haters watch me go up her little skirt, no matter what you spit can phase me when no one's around I'll put my own face in the dirt this is just friendly St. Paul don't make me bring Azrael the butcher out the wood works.....

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    Good to have you back.
    Loyalty is Royalty. Strength and Loyalty


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