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Thread: Raekwon - Immobilarity

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    Quote Originally Posted by twiztid_wutang View Post
    Since OB4CL2 is this year, I figured Id do a review on his slept on sophmore album, which was doomed, since it followed one of the most beloved Hip hop albums of all time.

    1) Intro: The asian instrument that they used in he beginning should have played alone, without Rae talking that ĎíThis is really based on politicsíí bullshit, Just said nothing like Meth did on Tical. Then the beat that starts at :58 could go in, and Rae could spit a few bars then go into track 2.
    6/10 since they ruined it with the talking

    2) Yae Yo: The beat is amazing, and the only thing missing is what A lot of these tracks are missing, A Ghost face appearance. Also, It was too short.

    3)Casablanca: If I didnít know, I would have thought Rza did the beat, but he didnít. I like the lyrics, and its like Rae was in rare form here.

    4) 100 Rounds: The beat is missing something, Even years ago when I copped this, I always thought this beat could have had more to it. I KNOW, Ghost face. But lyrically, This is one of Raes best on this album

    5) Real life: The hook is repetitive, BUT I like it, It could have been a Wu song if he wasnít being stingy with the appearances.

    6)Power: Ft American Cream Team, I almost NEVER like crews of most people. They tend to be nothing more than typical local rappers that the person who made it said would put them on if they made it. Hence A.C.T, And with them being the rare guests of this mostly solo album. They kinda ruined this song. The beat is pretty basic too

    7)Skit: The skit was dumb, but most skits are

    8)All that I got it you part 2: The fact that he did this is cool, I wont lie. It was pretty tough, but it didnít do what the original did, It didnít touch me.

    9) Jury: One of the best Beats on the album, It was begging for either Masta killa or U-god to lace it with Rae, but as I stated before, he didnít have many people on here. Lyrically one of his best, period. The hook is great as well, it could have got him radio play.

    10) Fuck them: Ft Method Man. This is probably the only true ĎíWuíí song on the album. The hook is great, and you can tell the beat took rae back to the classic Rza type era, though Rza didnít make it. Meths verse is mint as usual

    11) Skit 2: It was moderately funny.

    12) Live from NY: This was the first and I think only single of the album, and it deserves it. The beat is amazing, and EASILY could have fit on the purple tape. Lyrically you can tell he was going for radio play.

    13) My favorite Dred: The song was about a minute to short, The looped piano is very Rza like, and Rae laced it nice. I just wish Gza could have been on it.

    14) Friday: I could have done without the beginning talking and shit, But the beat is great, Ghost would have MURKED this joint. But Rae was on point. The sample is nice as well.

    15) The Table: Ft Masta Killa, Easily the best track on the album, My personal favorite. The beat is sad, dark, but emotional. I think that Killa outshined him on this joint though

    16) Sneakers: You have raekwon talking about kicks, but NO GHOSTFACE? What. The beat is cool, and I could have seen Ghost and U-god on this one
    7/10 for not having Ghost on it

    17)Raw: A beat and a song, That Redman and Method should have had. BUT since they didnít, This just ended up being the weakest song on the album

    18)Pop shit: This joint is on some Swiss beatz shit, and a lame attempt to get Pop points. I could hear Eve on this, which is NOT a good thing

    19)Heart to Heart: Dirty, Odb, should have been on here. I could hear him going crazy over this, With Cappa. Rae just didnít sound right on this. And the beat is just ass to me. It almost sounds like he dissing Wu, but Im sure hes not.

    20) Forecast: This beat screamed for Ghost, again, and againÖNo Ghost. This was and is a skipped song almost each time. But itís a city shout out song.

    21) Outro: A weak way to end the album, Seriously

    Id give this a a c+
    Reviving an old topic because I was listening to the album. Yeah.

    This is a terrible review, not so much because of the opinions though. If you don't like certain songs that's fine. The review is terrible because you're knocking songs for lack of other artists. It's a Rae solo. It's not a necessity for him to have featurings. It would have been nice for a couple here and there, but he held songs like Yae Yo and Casablanca down fine. He didn't need Ghost. In fact, I think Ghost would have detracted from those songs. If I were to review, I'd go like this:

    Yae Yo: Pretty good beat and nice intro to the album. Rae is probably at his best ever lyric and flowise in this song. 8/10

    Casablanca: Same as Yae Yo, decent beat with great lyrics. 8/10

    100 Rounds: Same as the other two songs as far as quality goes. At this point the beats start to sound a little repetitive. The song is probably worthy of 8/10 but at this point in the album it sounds more like a 7/10.

    Real Life: Basically the same complaint as 100 Rounds. It's not a bad song, but the beats are starting to drone a little. They aren't bad at this point, but they are sounding too similar. 7/10

    Power: The first bad track IMO. The beat isn't to interesting and the ACT aren't the best of features he could have had on the album. 5/10

    All That I Got Is You Pt 2: Terrible track. Rae is trying to capture what Ghost did, but he's not Ghost. 3/10

    Jury: Great track. The beat is different from what precedes it and just different in general. Rae drops some nice lyrics too. 9/10

    Fuck Them: Bad beat, but Rae and Meth rap nicely over it. 6/10

    Live from NY: Very good song. Good beat and Rae rips it. 9/10

    My Favorite Dread: Some good storytelling from Rae as usual. 8/10

    Friday: Another good storytelling track. 8/10

    The Table: Classic track, one of Rae's best ever. 10/10

    Sneakers: A change of pace for the album. Concept song as opposed to story track. Either way Rae does a good job and th ebeat is nice. 9/10

    Raw: More ACT stuff. It's not horrible, but it's not particularly good either. Reminds me of the Bravehearts tracks that Nas has on his albums. 6/10

    Pop Shit: I like this song. Rae rocks it pretty well, but it's nothing special really. 7/10

    Heart to Heart: This just feels out of place. It's not terrible, but it really isn't Rae's chamber. 6/10

    Forecast: This is just a track winding the album down. One long shout out. It's cool for what it is. 7/10

    There were some low points definitely, but more often than not the worst stuff was just mediocre. The beats weren't the best but Rae repped on them. Honestly, I think this is Rae's best album lyrically.
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    lol yeah that review was shitty
    Only a few years ago Hip Hop purists may have felt superior listening to hard core while their less enlightened companions snacked on commercial rap. As Shaolin research began to point out the overwhelming benefits of raw production, true hip hop enthusiasts started turning back to traditional styles. Wu-Tang in particular, has been shown to myriad beneficial effects, from warding off ignorance and poverty to reducing the risk of incarceration and death.

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    album is at first listen not impressive when i bought it ,but it growed on me after i listened to it more i find this and cuban linx rae's best albums. Some of the tracks have that cuban linx style

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    Raekwon 5/5 on this one
    Beats 3/5

    Overall: 4/5

    Best beat would definitely be Sneakers by Pete followed by The Table.

    Raekwon's best lyrical performance.

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    Twenty years ago today this arrived.

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