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Thread: One line rhyme-bringin it back!!

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    Your honor forgive me for how like Jeffrey Dahmer’s hunger I’ll eat thru your body armor

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    Brothers scared to clap the beast but will murder he created in his own image
    I'm in the field running for my life successfully made it through the scrimmage

  3. #8448


    Guillotine gangrene how I leave emcees terrified behind these bars like Jeffrey Epstein

  4. #8449


    Lyrically luminous quasars how I send outbursts of energy thru galaxies

  5. #8450


    Nauseous verses sick as Richard Pryor after the multiple sclerosis

  6. #8451


    The damage given to opposition Medicare couldn't cover
    Once their beaten the color purple
    It's Operation Dumbo Drop like Danny Glover

  7. #8452


    Emcees act like Tony Soprano when they’re Salvatore Bonpensiero big pussies

  8. #8453


    Big bags of bud like I was Rudy
    Truly unruly like that bitch Judge Judy

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    Lyrically I've committed war crimes that’s why President Trump won’t grant me clemency

  10. #8455


    Bitches start dissing once I break the bread spring's
    Wishing they could hang like Theo Epstein

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    Inept emcees remind me of Donald Trump cause they too lack competency

  12. #8457


    lack compentency...

    white commies plead get on their knees n squeal / while Joe Biden's seen in photo-shoots fondling preteen girls

  13. #8458


    Morbid murders go unsolved like those of Mexico’s human rights’ defenders

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    Prime Tyson uppercuts how I set records when I devour beef like Joey Chestnut

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    Inside the projects steps the number one prospect
    Verses recited to the heavens angel's wept while God slept

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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