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Thread: One line rhyme-bringin it back!!

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    Assisted suicides when vibrant adversaries imbibe the lyrical cyanide I prescribe

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    I hit homers like Simpson when it's my turn to batter up I'm verbally eviler than Montgomery Burns

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    Lieutenant of this one-man platoon, Indiana Jones wouldn’t step into this temple of doom

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    I’m deep as magma that’s why I cause foes low-grade depression of Mrs. Obama

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    Bruce Wayne arsenal, come to plate with Louisville slugger no need for bat signal

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    Mountainous verses, no need for Sherpas when I scaled peak of Mount Olympus

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    Barbaro at Preakness Stakes outbreak, thoroughbred straight out of gate

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    My train of thought is chainsaw
    Rawer than autopsies
    More deranged than racist red sox fans who wore Jersey's of Big Papi
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    Jakes watching me like feds watch dealer's who move keys
    Me losing a battle won't happen like Louis Farrakhan supporting white supremacy

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    Barabbas barbarities when I enthusiastically get heavy with Jason Voorhees’ machete

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    I murder opposition like Louisville cops did Breonna Taylor
    Catch em in the morning sleeping on the pailer

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    Cardi B. wet ass pussy emcees, staggered offset after I spear them Pirellis

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    I’m too lyrical, mission impossible when you try to compete with my pencil

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    We stack paper every caper crusader with a pistol
    Magazine fully loaded now who wants an issue?

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    Niggas guaranteed losses like the Celtics to the Heat
    No retreat after I smoke canibus I'll leave blood spilling in the street

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