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Thread: One line rhyme-bringin it back!!

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    Ike to Tina spousal abuse temper, no need for burner to be menace to society like Tyrin Turner

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    The misery hits me often stuck in a storm that I'm lost in
    Vegan bitch got sick from choking on my sausage

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    Foes wake up every mornin’ wonderin’ if today is the day they’re gettin’ whacked like Tony Soprano

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    Boisterous verses, unprotected sex recklessness of Trump rallies after coronavirus diagnosis

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    I strong-arm opposition like Trump’s administration tried filmmakers of Immigration Nation

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    Vertebrates calibrate from the caliber
    With heavy shelling swelling the dome off all challengers

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    Mexican Frank Thomas, I come to bat with sickness of Justin Turner with coronavirus

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    Pulling wisdoms like a dentist
    Penetrate rapidly
    Haters after me get left with holy chest cavities

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    Despotic conscience, rivals are like Pakistani Shias because they live in terror of my sectarian violence

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    Schizophrenic unapologetic, borderline sociopathic like Trump’s pandemic leadership

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    Verbal illness, gangrene verses never concealed like Prince William’s coronavirus diagnosis

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    Revenge on Lizard City, friction of Inspectah Deck when I perform armed robberies lyrically

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    It's fury like Tyson that makes me drop a young blood
    Headfirst his head burst blood mix in the mud

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