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Thread: One line rhyme-bringin it back!!

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    We take thrones once killer bars thrown
    Bone collector in your sector my head smash crack stones

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    Roman Army general vernacular unstoppable like Lew Alcindor at Power Memorial with SR-25 rifle

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    I spit exorcism impact incisions to emcess death squeeze like boa
    Constricting strict discipline know over once their beat in coma dragged out Tacoma

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    Dr. Kevorkian diatribe how I prescribe fatal medicine known as assisted suicide

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    See the sign caution before u cross
    The underworld undergoes shirt stained from spaghetti sauce
    It's my corner no horn to toot here
    I might lack kindness spit in your face rootbeer

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    Poisonous verses with no antidote like for venom of Blue Ringed Octopus

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    Partners in crime like Bonnie n Clyde
    Explicit gladiators traitor's get beheaded on site
    I stay at war like Palenstenians and Isrealites

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    Size matters that’s why my baked burner is the size of Thor's hammer

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    Return to burn the Grammy nominated and critically acclaimed
    God made it running through flames absorbing burning pain

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    Parkinson's vernacular causes tremors of tectonic plates that push against each other

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    Fluent in flipping acrobatical wordplay
    Verbs spray a notion motion to cause deadly commotion like gunplay

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    Vigorous emcees be pushed to brink of extinction like indigenous communities

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    Bred thoro I pull queens from the bridge
    Dead the beat like dad's who owe child support to their kids

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    Your bulletproof vest is deemed useless cause I don’t aim for the chest

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    I'm a scholar and criminal white collar
    Crazier than Adrian Browner sniffing a eighth of power

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