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Thread: One line rhyme-bringin it back!!

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    God degree poetry got the god out of poverty
    Break em rap Drago better pay up if you o Dogg menace to society
    Clowns hit grounds on the lounge before big homie count to three

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    Malcontent emcees are as worthless as migrants’ documents with Trump as President

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    Valiant nemesis think they’re mavericks but are quick to choke like King James in 2011 vs Dallas

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    Blades on escalades, rims on tires
    Hoods on fire, thugs informants wired
    Addict suicide cause inside their tired
    We outdo and Marvel over their evil empire

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Edwin Rosario foes get wrecked like Julio Cesar Chavez did the macho man in Hector Camacho

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    Absorb the orb break cords when we contend
    Off the head or with pen deadly linquistics he sends
    Gun aimed at them if they don't comprehend
    Shots hit their split know essence bound men

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    How was Miguel Cotto gonna roc Hova’s nation if he was a g-string diva?

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    Lyrical double-barrel, bars obese cause they eat what Oprah did in Color Purple

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    Furnace hot burner's shot the pilgrim exited his back and entered civilian
    In front of the building kicking and dying
    Bleeding and crying until his body lose feeling

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    eyes on prizes minds disguises hang from a branches it your right to purge your way
    don't merge with streams rivers and data
    maker major not minor put down in pianos with no keys left

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    Wack emcees are lame like Trump’s question about nuclear explosion usage to disrupt hurricanes

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    I'm out for the bag and not the body
    Give these niggas dentures for biting like rotties
    In the hood my reps notorious for hitting badboys with B.I.G. shotties

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    Dissident verses as repugnant as miscarriages in Big Tigger’s basement

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    Base heads getting wasted with they dead presidents ta stay jaded
    My skills punish, you untill ya grills rubbish, make ya cry like peeled onions More electrifying. Then a eels touch is, got a girl thats real luscious Eat these rappers for real like sealed lunches More bad ass than a navy seals gun is
    More fly then everybody that wields luggage
    Im the beer clutchin career crushin fear nothin fierce one with...sheers cuttin blood spills gushin no need to worry bout the wounds cuz u wont heal from it

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    When my number is finally retired I’ll hang envious rappers from rafters

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