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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    No time for war if it's on and my arm is sore the rap raptor wipe you completely from existence like dinosaurs
    Expose the bitch in men like Common did Ice Cube direct the drama this way were shooting Fight Club 2
    Follow the bad act get your face in the litter box fucking with this cat
    No riff raff want to shoot a video on my block you got to pay a tax
    Niggas promoting genocide like Banging on Wax
    Aaron Hernandez hanging these rats write my initials on the wall with their blood
    Love is for the weak hearted and fake thugs exposed in Nas the message
    Well respected for the big show and I'm not talking wrestling
    Finessing pockets plus your gold locket
    Screaming stop it only get worse
    Sleep in a hearse and wake up in the afterlife with a angel nurse
    First of the founders that resurrected his corpse from the dirt

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    Aaron Hernandez Latin criminal
    Lyrical Iceberg Slim how I pimp a pistol
    Marilyn Manson organ grinder born villain
    Felonious consciousness, mass murderous
    Black fatigue-style combat gear like Eric Harris
    Postmortem process of pathologic diagnosis
    Police sketches reckless, anomalous offenses
    Pestilent spreader like Covid at ICE detention centers
    Joey crack head if he thinks he can make me lean back
    I destroy foes with Cabela's ammo size of Keiko
    Nine milli freed like Willy, lice trigger finger itchy
    Ron Jeremy porn celebrity how I attack enemies
    Storm rivals like pro-Trump followers did Capitol
    Inimical armaments perforate cervical vertebral
    Scott Steiner recliner, severed spinal nerve fiber
    I bury hatchets but only after they drop the caskets

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    Fresh out the mental ward for biting the warden
    On live recordings fucking hoes two in the morning
    You know I'm storming once the skies cloudy warning
    It gets hectic like special needs twisting up Christmas weed
    Yours is Reggie bag filled with sticks, and seeds
    Proclaimed king's get their heads beat in like Apollo Creed
    Twisted cap Diamondbacks under the hoodie where the 9 is at
    I'm slept on like Leathaface my wordplay revolver 38.
    Here comes the hate a late fate
    is what they await
    No animals on my dinner plate I'm still a bloody mess like David Koresh
    They all know who the wildest is shooting up palaces like C.I.A. assassins
    Party crashing spiking punch then relaxing
    With a few birds the nest Uptown, Manhattan

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    Cyanide spiked punch of Jonestown suicides
    Ghastly Guyana horrors, macabre massacres
    C.I.A. foreign civilian turned heartless assassin
    Penitentiary insanity of warden in American Me
    Koresh bible revivals when in Godís name I sear flesh
    I have fantasies of burniní victims like Marilyn Manson
    Napalm concentration, bomb detonation infiltration
    Cremation convictions as deadly as Covid mutations
    Ammunition initiation, Kyle Rittenhouse bail violations
    Solitary military, correctional facilities mentality
    Unconstrained animosity of Trump devotees in D.C.
    Murderous motives, radio-controlled explosives
    Foes wigs pasted like Gorilla glue spray adhesives
    Devoid psyche bloody as Proud Boys recruitment ploys
    AK-47 bullets perforate flak jackets and helmets
    Coronersí blankets, open cases turned closed caskets

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    Fortified live mantis reflexes I'm destroying your archives
    Flaming lounge vibes python wrap the microphone wild
    Concubines bound to chains set a flame
    Resistance gangs slain in the lane
    Snatch out the brain for not running that Dana Dane gold chain
    Cold chilling in the rain getting brain in the whip from a bad bitch from Spain
    No pigs in sight my squad cars shoot out your light
    Therapy weed, light, and a pipe before I hit the turnpike
    Last two bitches I dumped bothed turned dikes
    It's all chemistry from a chemist slash trigger happy menace
    When it's on I'm drilling in mouth's like a dentist no longer dealing but when I was pushing rocks from Harlem to Plymouth
    Bloods searching for Blues Clues catch doom soon choked out we sprout like flowers in bloom

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    Foes choked like Reggie Miller hands to throat
    Sulfuric chemicals waterboard buoyant individuals
    Overwhelmed last breaths, deluge of deaths
    Full nelsons cost lives like Trumpís Covid decisions
    Contagious infectious diseases, virulent virus releases
    Power grid damages, Texas electricity outages
    Global warmer winter weather freeze generators
    Thawed by hot lead choppers size of Kobeís helicopter
    Nuggets get split with a caliber 50 like Jamal Murray
    Anarchy activist Republican Party mobocracy anomaly
    Islamic State vastly radicalized with ammonium nitrate
    Mindstates slump like Chinaís birthrate from slugs baked
    Guillotine abrasions to necks, torsos menstrual leaks wet
    Jagged forceps shave three layers of your cerebellar cortex
    Armor-pierciní bullets thru Safe Life Defense bullet-proof vests
    White sheets blanket adversaries not snow like Pacific Northwest

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    The mission missionary big weapons Rambo killing opposition in intersections
    Ladies enter sexing back shot
    resurrection...pros need protection bodyguards I body squad's and squealing frauds eternally at odds
    Searge of the soldier's holder of the boulders one punch break shoulder
    Loader loaded fully to drop the bully
    Rest in piss smell the smoke murder in the mists no riff but u catch my drift
    As I shape shift and lift without assists
    Fit to adapt in any habitat no peace murder rap to end you in the venue
    Revenue mine your thru to fiery lakes I send you

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    Fiery lakes engulf pearly gates
    Hell's vast fire purgatory desires
    Resurrection vivid hallucinations
    Infinite abomination immunizations
    Genesis fulfilled putrid premonitions
    Civilization detestation eruptions
    Congenital deformity anomalies
    Agony before demise in iniquity
    Adverse unreceptive consequences
    Hearses powered by anemic pale horses
    Richterís scale plagues of glacial hail
    North Pole sudden bursts of Arctic cold
    Midwest effect, vexed polar vortex
    Texas pipes cracked, icy death traps
    Plasma coagulation due to hypothermia
    Irreversible damage, carnage marriage

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    Fiends catching Elvis overdoses off jail house rocks
    Inhale trees hot Mugsy Bogues big shots
    Monsters in your parking lots leaving crews with flat tops and split hearts
    Sting Ray's devouring sharks with razor sharp flesh tearing darts
    Prepare the forces..tanks..and horses
    We passed flying color courses hitlist boxes checked Christian brainwash effects
    Stand with pride ride the wave this pillage village craze as we engage
    Rival wipeout stage merciless hits from men made gangster's get turned to mermaid's
    Burn the stage like Micheal Jackson with fried scalp bullets make em James Brown dance assanation on camp
    Lights out once I lamp eternally amped

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    Right here like I go yes like what is it what it's all it's open yes I know you want allow like where how who I yes like some of that glowing when you open the sizz you see it smells yes like how can it stay yes have hit let me it no I yes can I all this being made up like who says yes like what it very punctual it tells me you can go buy a snack the morning shift about to start dinner for breakfast how I yes warm to have it available for us of course we must give cents this oh just no I most like I would be there or no yes all oh would I to yes break up is all out the door I oh so I be once out that calm no but how about the clouds that come stay like a cover of sunlight but you can do whatever you want like them readiness light sprinkles would be some but yes it this oh like where who I yes tool to get to places on the highway yes to call it a night this bus it drives taking us everywhere to be closer yes like you do not see them you do here like they re gone a to not fuck around no more I yes I yes dropping all my drinks being here who no I can should I yes I you to who like you must guess no I yes I can start like not feeling good I no still like I would still chug but no not because to be ok no like I would somehow yes root beer like it how it makes me be like oh it has so like after who what it oh yes like if you are no yes to now we can see to yes no I would still not yes like in the parking but really it's where the brick fence yes with nothing but that yes so like stuff wood chips dirt who like no I hope one does not come wait stay like what do you no why you i like ok to yes to not try and drop break the cigarette not a real one that be ok yes lates I'm out to all no like I anywhere but all nothing but tacos so what else to do I to myself who like yes getting ready to about to be me who is I oh yes like I I can it yes what I so I like no the one that is available here what it no I it can't it cannot losing like why how is that is it harmful you how you let us what it's like even itself you you allow us but then us too like so I wonder where it like I know a dozen of donuts so who I no to look so I no I looking all way passed but no like I so would I no I would yes I would just head back of course sirloin tip grilled with some marinated chicken yes how we can just so I no not at the moment right so no I it like yes it can be every or what you so like why who made and oh yes I guess they change and have been there for a long time or have been added no so I me in so it can who I no like to just be it's like them old old ass school lottery drawings I still see what them signs Newports like what they oh yes a sign what why by it's on the side of a bridge is it in a very so is this so it must no so only on a higher elevation even though well yes with not visible no no belongings yes just checking the time I am about to how it can just like yes it's like everything slow mo yes I was under the influence I was there I would not no I would rather yes like yes I yup it is I truly feel yes I to be so yup just there day or night or whatever it can be there so like yes everywhere all everything nobody who is me yes I know see a lot of floor trippin over rocks I would keep my head down but then I know I would just get out of bed have a session me and the stratosphere yes like a marijuana cigarette that does not burn on for minutes of hours yes so the only thing I was there like I went I was having the effect of being under the influence all of them some no for some reason I need to see the temperature but smoking at the same time I imagine 12 o clock like somehow I cannot defect why who would me what I like no I to just be hanging out I would be one i could come up with it would be a trip it would be so wearisome like I just want to be here like them I would go in what like what yes to be I right no be so to like hey I would be like what them the old some were yes so like who why you made them into a pack frozen pineapple like it can take invite it so I ok else to be trying to learn is oh you are the most is would it be lost you know that comforter that how it was like if I was stepping entering yes an entrance one alley I yes that cruise looking for people not outside as I cops yes like what they drive around would I so my hand very tired exhausted how they trees would throw small leaves like they fall I got some of the same ones yes like what at yes it so I to still be as you like how it has lasted it yes one layer off but still yes you would I know you would you would yes stunk fingers paper what is it to close them and not but stick to your thoughts that bomb I want to knock out always blazing yes the court a single double with light yes to smoke I to try and not think of people to not atmosphere they used to trip right the quick way to be guided yes to sleep to have some to be so like yes all like when you hit but you rejuvenate yes somewhere there I just yes be on my on that hill outside the bedtime scene or early bright how we are about to open a box of cookies

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