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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Blast of Beirut, Nagasaki nukes
    Dialect filthy like Houstonís tap water
    Covid vernacular sick as Joel Embiid's barber
    Rhyme animal, Biden said my thinkiní is Neanderthal
    Infrared lenses can only see societyís menace
    Careless DUI charges, Bruce Springsteen reckless
    Spend day in jail then go Bam Margera off the rails
    Free will freedom fighter turned Mexican Sniper
    Competition gets lifted like pandemic restrictions
    I ghost dogs with heaters size of Forest Whitaker
    Temperament mired in bloodlust like vampires
    Famished vulture hunger for arteries ruptured
    Tiger Woods grisly comminuted open fractures
    Skeletals shattered, bone turned grey matter
    Mexican Idi Amin how I too murder civilians
    Opposition gets cremated like Vincent Jackson

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    Futile in the groundbreak verses earthquake transmit the shifts Shake
    Process purgatory masked villain hate
    Fulfilling fates by drilling fakes by the car bloody brakes
    Guns blow like Miles Davis at Avis
    Silent weapon war wager hollowhead champions like Aerosmith
    KFC fry emcees on a clean grill mean kill
    Butchers with beams ill for half mill
    Mathematician divide the tension to a fraction
    Mindless action club a beast til he backspins like Micheal Jackson
    Tracking your tracks from men's room to parkway
    Headshot dropped your noodles by the doorway

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    Execution style close-up headshots
    Glock hollows pump like Dee Brown's Reeboks
    Carniceria butcher how raw beef I slaughter
    KFC baked biscuits hastily squeezed violently
    Shattered extremities, Tiger Woods orthopedic injuries
    Souls stolen like Trump claims of 2020 election
    Coronavirus how I severely ravage competition
    Iím just gettiní started like Covid-19 mutations
    Abigail Folger stabbed aorta too grisly for coroners
    Rusty daggers sever jugulars like bakiní soda by razors
    Oral holes cough up blood like menstrual cycle chest colds
    Cauterized brains after propane flames sear membranes
    Horrific screams utterly cursed by plasma immersed
    Homicides are terse, corpses disperse in a hearse
    With no delay an Inspectah Deck smooth getaway
    Michelin low profiles screech like Dustin Diamond

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    It's dedication to the deadliest United snake nation
    War of the world's heated missiles hit spots spreading radiation
    Diseases too written in biblical scriptures prophesied
    This street prophet wise before I attack I study and analyze then it's Amityville once I rise with allies
    Ambush attack surprise I supervised the demise of every enterprise
    Slugs super sized penetrate vests and spit through chests I treasure the madness savage status as I stab enemies as they rest
    Powerfully possessed by bizarre thoughts as uncut darts hit their Mark's
    The beatings given to heathens then thrown overboard the ship's to be devoured by Great whites and hammerhead shark's
    My sparks unrecognized truth light while they vibe off true lies
    Every story has two sides no matter if it's an up north trip or an eternal essence trip from loss of life

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    My high IQ leaves emcees bemused
    Lil Nas X faggots canít fill my Satan shoes
    Frail foes danciní with devil like Demi Lovato
    Prey raider, Deshaun Watson serial predator
    Behavior aggressive as Bidenís German Shepherds
    This dog donít bark, only bites like Dracula after dark
    Wolverine claws hastily rolled out like Covid vaccines
    Detonated suicide vest deadly as Myanmar protests
    Nazi concentration camps health violations
    Shawn Bradley traumatic spinal cord injuries
    Murders grisly as Ted Bundy written testimonies
    Diaphragm tension, ambulance chest compressions
    Martyr missions on rise like homicides in Oakland
    Producer of tragedy like RZA, Hiroshima anemia
    Brazilís murder rate how lifeless bodies elevate
    Lethal verses fatal as Kobe over hills of Calabasas

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    Harry and William post-Oprah enmity
    Hostile shooter at King Soopers in Boulder
    Rebel with terminal cause, Covid chaos
    Lethal as Spain’s approved euthanasia law
    Serengeti carnivore deadly, Demi Lovato OD
    Bumpy hoodlum epitome of menace to society
    Hughes brothers feel sorry for my mother
    Inborn malice incites riots like Donald Trump
    Shotty Reebok pump, Shaq knows I don’t fake funk
    Essence dangerous as coronavirus new lineages
    The Caine Mutiny when I bogart Humphrey
    With wild boars’ tusks I start Tigray dirty wars
    Somalian warlords when I battle with metaphors
    I'm off the short leash like a rogue cop's K-9
    Chuck D. said I’m all animal when I rhyme
    I smoke mics like crackheads do glass stem pipes

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    Lyrically critically of DMX after OD
    Oxygen deprivation limited brain function
    Diction lethal as Bobby Brown Jr. with fentanyl
    Imminent homicides turned John Geddert suicides
    Kobe grisly copter crash photos invasion of privacy
    Kamikaze missions grant nightmares to Wes Craven
    Sexual addiction inducement ardent temptations
    Atlanta massage parlor massacres by amateurs
    Johnny Depp in white wife beater, hellish heaters
    Lawrence Taylor on crack the force of impact
    Hebrew brick layer turned Egypt pharaoh slayer
    No chill like Gilbert Arenas when I flex Beretta
    Mutiny of Trump hillbilliesí stop the steal rallies
    Insurrection at Bidenís electoral certification
    Slug flow filthy as H2O in Flint, Murder, Inc.
    Killer for hire like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky

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    These Kotex pussies meow while I bark like DMX
    In waves young emcees will go from cradles 2 the graves
    Mexican inheritance genetically prone to violence
    Forensic pathologists identified horrific characteristics
    Slugs out shells after emptied clips, Kodak Black targeted hits
    Sicilian messages, buoyant nemesis sleep with the fishes
    Sonny Corleone fiery temperament scary as Luca Brasi
    Gat grip rubber gets devoured by Hellcat horsepower
    Iím tiger in the woods with excess velocity of 80+ MPH
    With Keanu Reeves speed wildebeest within me stampedes
    I hurt emcees like climate change has farm productivity
    Columbine strapped, blood pledge to murder wack cats
    Non-Covid when your ice grill I mask it with a casket
    Officials blow whistles soon as I release scud missiles
    Souls snatched like Air Jordan at his bounce pinnacle
    Never hesitate so bodies elevate like Brazilís murder rate

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    blaze raise phase cases outta place like the black racer
    false masons erase geshias outta grayson i'm not tarzan
    i bring more bars than caps on a soda pop man
    posted video images get deleted like porn on twitter
    i spit flames burn down a whole studio man

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    I best bring my A game after Sheep’s chaos
    Or get severely embarrassed like Jay-Z by Nas
    Michael Myers in October how I’ll Ether your takeover
    Sally Struthers couldn’t save these youngsters
    I’m killin’ all competition like Jordan at The Garden
    Lyrical double nickels, hasty homicidal acquittals
    Dog in me unleashed like DMX when I go at cats
    New Zealand parliament axe attacks how bodies get hacked
    Splattered spleens from hand-held guillotines
    Sternum breastbones left crooked as judicial system
    Emcees’ anatomies separated like Trump did migrant families
    Fatal injuries, carpets stained red of the Grammys
    Vast putrefaction while corpses await identification
    Makeshift Covid morgues to store surplus bodies
    After this beef I’ll be in need of a defense attorney
    Severely ill mentality, not guilty plea by reason of insanity

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    Prime Mike Tyson search and destroy
    Whoa! with the noise, Black Rob bad boy
    Life story of a thug that couldn’t be saved by Puffy
    Akon best watch his movements, I’ve turned militant
    Bernie Madoff obscene Ponzi schemes
    G. Gordon Liddy Watergate burglaries
    Hot molten in veins that’s why saliva is flames
    Fierce blazes I fire like ESPN did Paul Pierce
    Inferno trenches, N. Korean missile launches
    Tumultuous mayhem of Trump administration
    Deadly missions, George Floyd prone positions
    Extremely quick I’ll take a knee like Kaepernick
    Subdue Derek Chauvin with magnum force to neck
    Cut oxygen of execution chamber lethal injections
    High-speed demolition, Tiger Woods jaw lacerations
    First round annihilation like Jake Paul did Ben Askren

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    Sub-Zero raps, HBO Max Mortal Kombat
    I shock G when I get digital underground like Bobby
    Lethal artillery 3D technology, pugilism bully
    Squared-circle Marvelous reckless bloody rampages
    Heartless madness of Indianapolis FedEx warehouses
    Taiwan train crashes, miscarriages of justices
    Iniquitous purposes, intent cold as Mars’ surfaces
    Rogue cop deadly launches at low-level offenses
    Air freshener hung from mirror minor violations
    Conduct deadly as Daunte Wright with expired registration
    Savage lands where kids get shot while they raise hands
    Atomic titan Godzilla, napalm sauna like Hiroshima
    No holds barred weaponry, UFC without referee
    Jamal Murray knee injuries, wartime austerity
    Ghastly visions of me exhumin’ my adversaries
    Hereditary ill-will deadly as Covid strains in Brazil

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    Macabre bloodlust of France's guillotine era
    Hiroshima radiation ragin' like Covid in India
    Hot lead out revolvers size of Big Worm hair rollers
    Barbaro horsepower, roughrider like dog from Yonkers
    Prime Tyson rage when I slug it out with a 12-gauge
    Pugilism bully, quantity in digital potions of Bobby
    Ghastly cutthroat visions of OJ Simpson in prison
    Mexican Luca Brasi how executions become occupation
    Rogue police persecutions, Derek Chauvin convictions
    Morbid kills ambitious as Bidenís infrastructure bills
    Cannibal cookware, LaMarcus Aldridge heart scares
    Jake Paul sexual assaults of TikTokers, vagina slaughter
    Semen in tsunamis capsize Poseidon, shredded hymens
    Life-threateniní injuries critical of Indy FedEx facility
    Maimed mentalities, vast tragedies without strategies
    Ruger AR-556 ammo deadly as King Soopers in Boulder, CO

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    I'ma place a Snipes at you all,then take U all out one by one like some bounch of chicks on a blind date// still acting orgy like David Duchovny
    Who knows, maybe I might F*** this whole forum from atop with my PHD (pretty Huge D**k) while you all catch every drop, you beneath
    so bad till I cum late// master the schemes till am passing the script,, you supporting my lead
    But when it's down to the pen game, we nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator..

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    My congregation shadow box with methods of Tyson combinations
    Dark knight plight in Gotham city mutilating jokers condemnation
    Racing hellcat's barred from heaven gates these hungry wolves looking through my kitchen window drooling for a plate I was born late to die early
    Thugs retreat or else it's red streets
    And dead fleets covered with white sheets my strike's deep like Aryans in prisons chameleon blending in landscapes to escape snakes hissing from out of pits I'm blowing up in the abyss like a bomb strapped terrorist
    From Iran feasting on tuna taking bread from your fam by the loaves
    Snowfall drama it's karma with the toast glasses crack from one slap
    Execution with the eagle birds clap to that

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