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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Trivial pursuit when i execute a brute in a game of death suit
    Stirring emcees in the pot the hot shot hitting troops until they retreat and regroup
    Money recouped well send em on a first class ticket to hell known for head swells
    And enemy grounds littered with shell castings then dashing before the bacon patrol comes no ultimatum just flying hot ones that left rivalries with one lung
    Sadly in love with drama even mama says I'm a soon to be a goner from karma weed choking me like the NYPD did Eric Garner
    Harder than any metal rebel design redefine the line and those throw shade remained confined without a concubine
    Deadlier than the aftermath of Sandy Hook the crook who left bodies in the brook
    Without any DNA to trace case closed erased
    Then i was paid six figure pay for being beaten and mased
    Me versus the state no mistake i was problematic black Asiatic bring havoc jaws shattered to pieces without Reese's
    My speeches teaches self motivation to control the nation with retaliation
    Embracing the wisdom to give them the confidence to go against the system
    And not be victimized by a oppressive enterprise of racist guys out for our demise
    Side's you must choose win or lose they can judge but couldn't walk a mile in our shoes
    Days are getting shorter saving up dimes and quarters so i can flee the border and not be a victim of this new world disorder

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    Mantra submits submissions war chants new religion
    Voodo black magic spells casted on the bastards who left him imprisoned
    Vision beyond the stars move like tigers hunting guars
    Lambs silenced when wolves attack after we distract guards
    And snatch cards from dealer's hands monkey wrench plans
    Before he snitch on the stand blow him up in the van
    Nowhere is safe anyone can be erased creed or place
    Drop the weights in whirlwinds pressure to puncture I'm all in
    Felons fallen stolen money we all spend
    No peace and no amends in the end

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    In a game of death I will never lose
    Bruce in Beatrix yellow suit when I abuse
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar don’t wanna spar
    Mexican His Airness, I too have a competitive sickness
    Decimation perception, mental state of perdition
    Insanity of Rodman when I kick a cameraman
    Tempestuous snakes’ strikes poisonous
    Coronavirus terror to the whole rap business
    Behind these unhealthy bars content is ill terminally
    Lyrically sick as YNW Melly with Covid-19 in penitentiary
    Wu Tang criminal slang when I reveal 8 diagrams fangs
    Jeffrey Dahmer hunger strike writer how I devour ciphers
    Rap’s saber-tooth, John Wilkes soon as I enter the booth
    Latino malcontent like Jose in dead presidents
    Ravenous vulture voracious, rapacious consciousness
    Spit Paul Walker crashes fire till masses turn Holocaust ashes

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    Masters massacred in a fashion brutal blown noodles eaten by a hungry poodle
    Were in the dog years death to Yankee Doodle
    King of the Hill pierce em like a stud
    Fearsome near some blood gallons lost
    Talons rip chain heavy Jesus cross over sawed off
    19 minus CoVid. In the cold skid still he holds his
    One punch body rocked ribs steel out hotness
    Fight freely eyes poked out can't see me
    Shot warning brainwashed like a maniac Mormon
    Forming death squad we evenly cover next odds shoot the tech God til his necks off
    Riding with the best arms Vest on
    Hot iron to press on some vexed Don's
    Very few kings lived heads gone
    Get out the way spray make em respect harm

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    Covid-19 to an emcee, rest in peace
    Child of the corn, tiger that mauled Roy Horn
    With heaters size of flagpoles is how I rock & roll
    I’m about to rip it up like Little Richard mayhem
    Mexican villain, pledge allegiance to evil heathens
    World Trade Center roof top marksman
    Society’s menace when I have Cain’s burner in hand
    Megalodon exhumed, Moby Dick harpooned
    Irrational mental of Sonny in dog day afternoon
    Callous psyche insensate, mind ammonium nitrate
    Unclean thoughts give Krueger disturbed dreams
    So sick Kevorkian advised I should quarantine
    Deadly threats in dire droves of Asian murder hornets
    Scott Disick substance abuse, Bishop with booze in juice
    Camera tripods allows me to fire extremely accurately
    Lyrically 3.5 on 40, I clocked time like hypeman for Chuck D.

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    Another stormy night the knight who left the roundtable
    A hard fable being dropped from a major label
    Major pennies too embarrased to wrap and cash in
    So it's gun..mask..and gloves robbing hoods from Maryland to Manhattan
    Shit happens once the predator hits the paradox heavily armed like the Dallas Sniper
    Mayor screaming spare the cops
    Shots loose like a virgin they ran a train on
    A deathwish like punching my boys disabled mom
    Content strong strangling that invalid spitter
    With his face covered in tats rainbow hair that pussy glitter
    He just came from P.C. and bought a new house and about 100k worth of jewelry
    Dropped a new single in 24 hours it got 5 million hits
    The feds on his speed dial they stay protecting the kid
    But every dog has his day so his is coming soon
    The game is washed up blood sacrifices and pedophilia blooms
    No more room for the awakened obiest rappers catching strokes from eating pounds of bacon
    Fake chains and diamonds on your body
    The equalizer come to drill u with a shotty
    U idolizing Gotti he hated niggas
    Like i hate Chinese chicken wings
    Soon to be locked from cooperative witnesses the DA brings

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    LeBron James will witness I’m GOAT of this game
    Rap’s MJ how I’ll strangle emcees like Spree did PJ
    12 gauge shotgun slugs size of Bulls over Broadway
    Double-nickel numeral when Mossberg is done with spray
    Tekashi rats decapitated by Victor metal pedal traps
    Fake thugs turned squealers wrecked from 500 meters
    To prove to WHO that I’m practicin’ social distancin’
    Mexican Putin, you’re playin’ roulette with a Russian
    Dr. Kevorkian writin’ extremely deadly prescriptions
    Rebel heavy metal will align your spinal symmetrical
    Blood can’t be plugged with Rasputia’s Kotex for menstrual
    Mean muggin’ emcees are openly gay like Saucy Santana
    Thinkin’ they’re gangbangers cause they own bandanas
    Actin’ like Tony Montana when they’re more like Hannah
    Faggot nemesis wake up to severed skulls of pale horses
    St. John Baptist uncrowned heads precede the bloodshed

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    Stole a rollie mask on Raptors fitted my chain bigger than a midget
    Dumpin clips on ships sailors knocked off their pivot
    Ice blinding like bright lights we move crowds
    Like nerve gas and tazers
    Scope on the wessun have u leaking dressing
    Best western undressing Nova Scotia hoes
    Painting their faces put on my Asics i run places crooked jake collecting a percentage of my wages
    Ballerina spinning big blunts on marble floors
    Done hitting raw after i cook up hoe there's the door
    She stole a package and my ratchet under the mattress
    Crackhead gave a savage clap she hit the wall head cracked

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    Kawhi claw when I disembowel like raptors
    BBQ chicken rappers served on Dahmer platters
    I kill ill rhymers not backboards like Shaquille
    Adversaries say Iím just like MJ - a competitive junkie
    Bloodthirsty unapologetic addict lookiní for my next fix
    Here to warn advisory parental of venom lead in my pencil
    Enough to halt oneís vitals, Ethylene Glycol chemicals herbicidal
    Michael Myers Halloween sequel apparel homicidal
    Kitchen knife instead of pistol, Boko Haram militance lyrical
    Chuck D. fight the power take-no-prisoners persona
    Never will be one to want world peace like Metta
    Auburn Hills palace ferocity, Ron Artest complete insanity
    Frankenstein of Mary Shelley, inhumanely monstrosity
    Mount Olympus carrier of the deadliest diseases
    Bringiní them to masses like next coronavirus stimulus
    Pandemic payday, Mexican bubonic plague is on its way

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    Dr Greenthumb smoked out on Cypress Hills
    Large like Poppa with ultramagnetic bars that b real
    So u can Sen Dog on Sunday it'll get bloody ill
    Control the piston like pole position for opposition a tragic end like Sonny Listons
    Barbaric as brutal slave lynchings
    When the noose lift em deadlier than a moose kicking
    Alot of twitching once the virus attacks immune system
    Mind blooms wisdom to combat negative thoughts so i let it go nastier than silent farts
    Iron darts to drop emcees onslaught
    Sicker than beastiality to feast is my beast mentality no morality
    Salary double digits from jacking plugs take it in blood shed like judge dread
    Detonate like war heads spitting like babies force fed
    I torch heads like Micheal Jackson once i catch em lacking
    If you don't run the transaction it's damage artery action
    Slapping bitches with baby powder in my palms
    Never read psalms instead of bible's and Korans it's ammo..vests..and fire arms
    Vultures land on carcasses once lions gone
    I took your pride and angered u like u caught me fucking your mom

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    I float like Rodan, sting of Gadim scorpions in Iran
    Poltergeist phantom like Aliís punch that KOed Sonny Liston
    I hear vile voices in my head thatís why I reply to demons
    First to ignore Statesí governorsí stay-at-home orders
    Macabre manuscripts how I inherit morbid genetics
    Palm grips automatic biscuits with lunar size clips
    Cody Latimer face poker, fervor in heaterís chamber
    I too will kill everybody, in Stalin fashion Iíll purge humanity
    M203 showers, aerial deployment of grenade launchers
    Malignant martyr in camo apparel prepared for slaughter
    Geno Silva with hammer, Iíll silence Tony Montana forever
    Assassination retaliations, amputations annihilations
    Chris Johnson murder-for-hire plots, rogue cops in Reeboks
    Convicted criminal conscious, darkness depth heartless
    Bloodstream flow sick as coal minersí lungs with Covid-19
    Cruel convictions deadly as Trumpís disinfectant injections

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    I come from more death to take him to the higher depths
    It's like an asthmatic pushing a canoe constantly out of breath
    Doing my reps shooting for what I rep
    You going kill me you... Let's see how it looks with your brain on the steps
    Everybody slept on the God for four seasons I let loose the epidemic know their all believing
    Competion I'm never there like deadbeat dad behead the bad
    Death hits like king cobras spitting venom at elephant
    Woke up past the hell fence
    Obstructive nature eat with Quakers shoot the leg of a pimp
    Double reaction two baby nines for a hood columbine
    U read in on Chicago Best News
    Spit on boys in blue they tasered the whole crew

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    Co-defendant turned abhorrent militant
    Morose judgment addicted to graphic content
    Son of Sam ill intent, tsunami deadly current
    Adversaries get washed like Shad Gaspard
    Hyena scarred psyche behind barbaric bars
    Registered sex offender for how I sodomize competitors
    Norman Bates psycho to Milton Arbogast
    Jerry Sloan wrath how I be talkin’ all that jazz
    I can’t be beaten like MJ after food poisonin’
    Marvel symbiote lineage of Cletus Kasady carnage
    Monstrous lunatic, bloodline of apocalypse
    Parasitic eugenics invented in a Wuhan clinic
    Daniel Silva ink master how I paint disasters
    Deadly car crashes, murderous charges
    Craig Hodges Chicago Bulls cocaine circus
    Mental sickness of Idris Elba with coronavirus

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    He who lacks purpose will sink beneath the surface as worthless
    Astonished how I tarnished vultures with biohazard verses
    Pimping pockets like black churches snatch dollars from Creflo
    Ultimatum spray em as the media throws insanity my beauty vanity mixed with calamity
    Streets dirtied hands fighting devil's Tasmanian hunch back punch back there's no persuading him
    Boulevard I'll pull a broad lab walk hit it hard
    A bodyguard couldn't body the God
    Rep vs reptilians disguised as civilians
    Still standing on ceilings eating power pellets chilling street drilling the drillers
    Busy open cavity killers hard to get like choosey Mom's I'm Jif pick
    Sinatra my way singing melodies to inspire thieves getting Cooley High in the temple
    Gun in the dungarees
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    Crash your crew like Pan Am Barney nigga left dead in the rubble once bullets Bam Bam
    Hit the circus and slay the Dumbo earth slam rumble
    Cold hearted in the jungle on the rebound
    Rodman Mutumbo warriors fumble
    In the Golden State left hand holds two heads of snakes
    In deep bushes hiding for the ambush
    Sneak attack Dingo bites your back
    Rip to shreds before he weapon attacked
    Weaker than fawns grabbed by Grizzlies
    Dominant verses thrown like Frisbee's
    Sipping Bourbon in a Suburban
    Fro out like 1977 Julius Irving
    We're punching birds to prove three points like Larry
    Unforgettable like Ashon rushing the Grammys
    See these kids stay singing like Orphan Annie
    Burning buildings in Minneapolis protests and looting
    I'm rooting rooting Rap Simmity Sam
    No tunes Looney man u cram to understand
    A black panther with a five point plan
    Might take a bullet before I take the stand
    Who knows if we rest in peace
    at night I see the ghosts of murdered emcee's reciting verses unreleased
    To a beat I made intensifies the intake
    Bitches eviler than Jason's mom drowning him in Crystal Lake
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