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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Michael Vick after pit scandals erratic
    Donald Trump schizophrenic leadership
    Penmanship poisonous, my mantra murderous
    Manic temper of armed anti-lockdown protesters
    Pat Ewing ill spitter sicker than quarantine quitters
    Iím Jordan everybody else is Mars Blackmon
    Asian murder hornets size of Tractor Traylor
    Iím behind fatal bars like Travis McMichael
    Ahmaud Arbery in gray joggers when I shoot fatally
    Graphic viral videos how I pen horrors of tomorrow
    Nuclear pulse of Godzilla when I strike like cobras
    Glock cocked, PETA will be extremely shocked
    When they see blood-soaked of China wet markets
    Theyíre human targets, bullets sear their Starter jackets
    I leave infinite foes with permanent disabilities of polio
    Worldwide vaccinations couldnít reduce the annihilation

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    I'm not Doc Rivers but I coach a team of hitters
    A legend jumping out the Nissan to tennis slap spitters
    Quitter's leave in tears stressed cause I massaged their girl's breast
    Booty stay bouncing like bad checks
    I'm up next to maraude intellect's
    And finnesse pockets with a rocket
    Sea to shining sea kerosene lighting emcee's
    Lyrics Pun fat shatter dreams with a big Mack
    Strapped like Fredro one punch you'll see Star
    I remember robbing group homes my girlfriend drove the getaway car
    Living Proof I survived the grind but every know in then I get suspended in time
    Ounce of loud for the week might sell a dime
    Friends I trust A few the guy I threw off the cliff must've been A Huxtable

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    We schooled the unit brought back energy two double cup's filled with Hennessey
    I'm Mad like lib torture enforcer with transformers watching slugs transform wigs
    Spitting on perms until cowards learn we take what you earn
    Nine Millie in hip face the gladiators with full clip and watch cars zip
    See I was forced to flip what they brought on the boat rolled blunt in his ear instead it was him I smoked
    Streets were Noah Ark packed move like hyneas hit with more than misdemeanors try extortions, and kidnaps planning the get back
    Hit rats with poisoned cheese until pigs say freeze we already buried the gees
    in the backyard near piranha lake
    Jordan shots never miss what I make
    Done pissed on the fake eating fish n grits.. politicked with King's and Crips
    On some get back years before
    On a cloudy day of rainpour only the thunder explained war
    Momma screaming what your living for?

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    Doc Kevorkian how I leave rivers of skeletons
    Mexican marauder turniní nice emcees into cannon fodder
    Eldest spawn of Bin Laden from Afghanistan slums
    Moby Dick harpoon dart guns size of Big Pun
    Hood Godfather takiní foes fishiní like they did Fredo
    Luca Brasi enforcer, torture rivals with mako shark incisors
    Iím son of Lamech cause I do them two at a time like Noah
    Sicilian Mafia hitman with physical force of guerrillas
    In back of Tekashi rats with deadly scripts of Miramax
    ASPCA founder how I neuter these cats with AK spray
    Execution warrants imminent, plasma swathe pavement
    Carniceria meat cleavers bloodstain your Tommy Hilfiger
    Rhymersí cadavers slumped on recliners after only one cypher
    12-gauges so your life flashes, from churches to hearses
    White canvas covers corpses like those of high-speed chases
    Lifeless motionless pulses, coronavirus existence hiatus

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    Plede allegiance to universal flag compose a composition verbal stabs
    Looting labs and executing corner crabs
    Claws broken bad hit bars unpaid tabs
    Slabs of pork trashed emcee's ashed
    Heat of the night shooters brag about who got body bagged
    At the Hyatt blunts fired smoke til we're tired
    Devoured admired rappers skull crackers
    Giving fractures
    Active stature of a Assassin's rapture
    Who avoided capture to finish the last chapter
    It's like being caught in the jaws of a raptor I'm good laughter from the bitch slapper
    Violence domestic before and after phenomenal bastard blaster
    Codes decoded for entrance to hacked sites
    Swordsmen and black Knight's put out your lights
    No assembly required never gave in to desire the man of fire hitman for hire

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    Epidemic in bloodstream, dementia gene
    Psyche sick as Patrick Ewing with Covid-19
    Anatomized synapses sever dreadful dreams
    Psychopath homicidal tendencies, anarchy serenity
    Martyr in cockpit when I revolt like Colin Kaepernick
    Bet my life thereís no one brave enough to put knee to my neck
    Bars of demise when vitality in oneís eyes dies
    Dissent chaos, mutinous verses turn deadly like Minneapolis
    I will not dribble to stay quiet, Wyatt Earp revenge when I riot
    Hands hold heat in cold callous, anatomy disperses of tear gases
    Shotgun 12-gauges size of Christopher Wallace, notorious status
    Hollow tip mafia hits, Josey Wales drug addict how I shoot quick
    Public Enemy logo observatory, I see thru telescopes of kamikazes
    Mental state behind asylum gates, blank stare of death row inmates
    Desolate psyche explores ruins of post-pandemic wastelands
    Wicked hands covered in the blood of innocent like son of Sam

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    Snakes on earth get devoured fast
    They get amped up but how long will the power last?
    You think your macking bitches until u run out of cash, and then to the next trick they fuck with their stinking ass
    Life is fast and most can't keep up
    So gangster's get smoked with their heat tucked, survivor's never the same emotionally beat up
    Instead of a change of heart it's the same old thought, until you play blackjack with Satan and he takes your cards, drunk off Henny on the way to the crib you got ambushed then sparked
    Cops outlined you in chalk to them your one less nigger dead in the dark
    It was your right hand man you used to ball with in the park
    You seen his face as you ran trying to evade those shots
    Until your in a state of shock you asked him why
    He just laughed and kept shooting until the glow left your eyes
    He's at your funeral hugging your mom and sister a true Bishop in disguise
    Same night he's at your crib holding your wife she's saying we can't but she's vulnerable from the pain
    Plus he's rubbing her body and she's drunk off champagne
    Before midnight he's in the bed with her naked she's trying to tell him no but he easily takes it
    That dude's dirty he busted all in her raw
    And when she woke up in the morning homies long gone
    She feels guilty as hell and feels something isn't right
    She notices the safes missing know she's mad tight
    So dude goes to Vegas gambling with his boys
    He's smoking and drinking but feeling paranoid
    But he's blinded by the Dollars and pretty woman
    End of the night he's with two girls swimming
    Before you know it he's in the bed fast asleep
    Unaware of a dude masked up that broke in
    He's outside his bedroom patiently waiting
    His patience paid off dude gets up to take a piss
    Never made it to the toilet three shots to his ribs
    He says take all my money and coke I didn't do shit to deserve this
    The shooter coldly replies karma's a bitch he take his mask off oh shit
    It's his right hand man's cousin he said I knew about the hit
    He puts the gun to his head and screamed beg for your life
    He starts begging and he squeeze the trigger killing him it's only right

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    Deal on the table but I broke it with closed fits
    In the fire sweating holding God's tablet's like Moses
    Niggas scared to die crying unaware of where their soul is
    And youngsters murdering each other
    In cold blooded coldness
    Protesting never saved us from being shot unarmed by killer pig's oinking to bust their Glocks
    I write alot but feel the time dwindling down on the clock
    Like Marvin I'm a troubled man with a pen in my hand
    You better believe every tragic event in this land the government planned
    From nine eleven I could keep exposing
    Every since I removed the blindfold I could see the pride of them seeing us decline in life expectancy
    Controlled our brain's frequency
    I know the signs like a master of astrology
    Sonically sound to what's going down I'm wise
    Going out in a blaze in the event of my demise
    See the tears rolling down my Queen's eyes knowing this is the last time I'll kiss those ebony thighs
    I went out high still more Loud in the pack
    Eyes rolling back no pulse felt from the Savage attack

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    Eyes roll back like great whites in combat
    Gat aimed to abdomen when I release six-pack
    Open windows soon as ammo blows your curtains
    Whole villages up in furious flames like Minneapolis
    RuPaul drag races turned to Charles Bronson death wishes
    Lori Loughlin skirt emcees are quick to cop plea deals
    But they say they keep it real then they rapidly squeal
    Frank Lucas American gangsters morphed to snitches
    Vaginal vernacular like Caucasian anti-quarantine protestors
    Barbaric bars eradicate pussies like confederate flag at NASCAR
    Bloodbaths sealed with your chief of staffís skin grafts
    Outlandish how Iíll paint canvas with your own plasma
    Contort your red blood cells into sickle cell anemia
    No discrimination, open coffins affirmative action
    Infinity emcee fatalities, from obituary to cemetery
    Iíll use your desiccated bones to etch your tombstone

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    No Judas theory bastardized to blast your guys fitted slugs hit any size
    In the Maze like Frankie Beverly burn sight like pepper sprayed eyes
    Lies niggas cry retreat when they're the ones who distributed beef
    So it's on react like Corleone
    And swiss cheese domes
    The lone ranger emcee strangler
    Stepping on necks like Derek Chauvin
    Deadly aggressor who got off like Zimmerman
    Slugs have you dancing like George Jefferson
    Heat of the night I killed Archie in the Bunker
    All in the family broken structure
    Cut ya for being a vulture to the culture like Brother Love
    Smackdown thugs smash coffee mugs in mugs then he gets mugged
    Total silence more disrespectful than the George Floyd challenge
    I'm Godzilla King of the Monsters thriller rupture sinuses like Jackson nose jobs
    Dimes stay on my dick like Lewinsky blowjob's

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    Homosexual rivals blow like Lewinsky in Oval
    Linda Lovelace deepthroat till semen out sinuses
    Reckless human sacrifices think theyíre savages
    When theyíre as feminine as Megan Thee Stallion
    Vaginal cats are Black Widow Massengill marvels
    Faggots are little spiders in need of Spudís webb
    Urinary incontinence how I wet these dickheads
    Jalapeno pepper spray oneís face, eyes burned with mace
    Mexican Dwight Gooden when I Dr. K formidable opposition
    Foes turned victims like knees from Derek Chauvin
    Emcees think theyíre GOATS but are lambs led to a slaughter
    Mic strangler how I smother fearsome challengers
    Crime philosophy will crack Joeyís psychology
    Asbury Park New Jersey race riots of the 1970s
    Furious heat cause emcees to go in bunker like Archie
    Impact of 12-gauge will send you back to a dark age

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    Demented like dementia patients don't test mine
    Or get smoked like cats in Popeye's cutting the line
    For a chicken sandwich branded like cattle feel the battle rattle
    Cutting heads of Feds my ex busting the double barrel
    If I'm not street bound I'm in the office like Will Ferrel
    Writing scrolls thicker than Janet during control
    Soul seducing hoes to lose their belly rolls and quit eating jelly rolls
    Strapped when I hit the hole
    Fright night in the hood like I conjured up the ghost of Eric Wright
    To visit Suge Knight I've done bids
    A minor problem like R. Kelly trapped in the belly
    I'm a general to the population I stay engaged in covert arms like Ronald Reagan
    Niggas singing to the beasts like California raisins
    Aging from smoking it's rules and regulations
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    Ronald Reagan counter-revolutions
    Charles Manson out mental institutions
    Essence in throes of madness, riotous verses
    Civil disobedience, violence pervades my existence
    Mass destruction proliferated, pandemics unabated
    Martyr dimensions, obsessions of doomsday visions
    Jagged marksmen how ammunition is sharpened
    Break necks mindset of current racial climate
    I handle Tecs like Louis Armstrong did trumpets
    When I takeover city blocks like BLM protestors
    Disobedient challengers are makiní a murderer
    Rap menace sick as Steven Avery with coronavirus
    Notorious B.I.G bad boy like John Langley
    Glock 22 cocked, savagery of cops on FOX
    The only difference is that I canít be cancelled
    Immortal mental travels through eternal portals

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    Time portal's I traveled through
    Made me immortal
    Passage of escape the mask faced marvel
    Zoro ghetto raised to surpass the plague getting the cake like Carvel
    Unit of killers mobilizing on cartel's
    With oxgyen mask's to withstand the tear gass no Buffalo but sent a herd on that ass
    Open the gates for my entrance
    As permiters are circled by the last who shall remain first
    The repetitive competitive layed face first in the dirt
    Dressed in silver the surfer of the earth crafter of a vintage verse
    Chests split open for we gamble with emotion and search
    For powers higher than a friend who overdosed off bad work

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    Diagnosed Sid vicious after he overdosed
    Mental been ill as bassist for The Sex Pistols
    Iím sick like six of Trumpís campaign staffers
    Lost boy with St. Elmo's fire of Joel Schumacher
    Backdraft gunplay, AK-47 mace the way it spray
    Ohio protesters with prosthetic legs get peppered
    Destructive anger is on the rise like Covid-19 trackers
    Regal Mexican Army general in apparel thatís homicidal
    Soon as I step to mic emcees collapse like D.L. Hughley
    Ruined individuals due to Young Buck financial struggles
    They are Mars Blackmon never Jordan with the bars
    Claim to b-real like Cypress Hill but are insane in the brain
    Fake Bruce Waynes maimed so they canít identify remains
    Domes severed like Bostonís Christopher Columbus statue
    Shoko Asahara doomsday guru, incineration of Nazis to Jews
    Asphyxiation raps how Iíll silence your revolt like Insurrection Act

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