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    this threads been sleepin....Bronze ain't come around in a while damn..

    lyrics to The Great Migration track

    great fuckin song....love the flow and the structure of the verses...and the beat is just like scary..

    lotta shit i'd like to have explained and/or cleared up on this one..

    Yo, in the jungle
    Streets hard, flee God
    doubt God, why God?
    moms heard me scream, like i been scorned
    the beef so supreme lord
    five toes, got hoes
    playin for my house doughs
    another dose of vicatin
    slicin it, juttin in like sudden cuttin winds
    and we got severe strokes, sword-tip
    pen-pokes, send folks to hell
    when the doors close, its hard here
    my dear, kiss ya chin, miss again
    this is Michigan, aka Babylon seas of sin
    its me again, grabbin at ya backdoor like a rap-tor
    you need me you ac-tors
    revelations, came in, deterioratin men and women emcees....
    go home and smoke them leaves..
    Slice and dice, puree, my forte
    is swordplay, chop off ya limbs day
    sway off strings of ligaments
    this nigga bends kept my limbs (??) and rock
    black Timbs, only wins between pungent
    dungeon walls and basements
    Relentless, killa bee
    sting like flyin jellyfish
    A king who walks around, wit a pen, and a severed wrist

    Yo, in the streets
    Jungles deep, run from man, haunted land
    skeletons they hauntin man, you argue fam we flauntin hands
    and might just let the pipes bust
    in the birth canal, I creep from wells, wit secret spells to teach and tell
    my speech'll kill, its steep as hills
    Its deeper still, we dwell on scarred blocks
    where they scar cops, they don't even come
    for evening suns, i'm grievin, and be needin guns
    cuz stocks and bonds are far beyond the poverty lines we stand for years
    Hooded life, crimson rain, singin in a veil of tears
    trail of beers and vodka, i'm on a--different planet
    i crack skulls like granite, that was blast outta cannons
    From standin on porches, to handin off roach clips
    i'm so swift, i broke ribs and came back like Joe Gibbs
    Blow kids out boxes, box-cutters and glock clips
    the loudest, obnoxious, shots just woke me from my worst nightmare
    We thirst for light years, cuz dark days and grain stays
    over me like no one seen
    Can't control the scenes, i'm just an actor
    in the scripts of life, my pen poison is quick to strike cuz skin moistness (??) my kryptonite, i skipped the hype
    and took the elevator, towards Heaven's light....
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