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Thread: Pro Football

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    The XFL is back, starting this weekend.

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    Tom Brady decided to go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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    Check Two, no one except you gives a shit. Fuck the NFL. Pro sports been wack since 2015. Can't say I've given much a fuck about any of these leagues since then.

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    It's a broken down forum with 7 1/2 people on a good day. Nobody cares about your opinion bum. lol

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    The NFL has become a little socialist bitch league of little girls tossing around inflated pig skin, am I right?

    Never seen so many social pseudo-justice sissies withing 100 yards of each other in my entire life. Need some extra padding?

    NFL is trash. Anyone who watches NFL is a little bitch who likes fake offended faggots in tights. Try a real sport, sissies. Carry your inflated pig skin back to your section 8 demokkkrat welfare slave quarters where demoKKKrats like Joe Biden say you belong.

    KaeperPrick was always trash. I'll debate you just on his statistics, not his politics. Someone post his garbage career NFL statistics so we can compare them to quarterbacks who were actually good.
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    The ratings were a lot lower for this year's starting game compared to last year. It will be interesting to see if the fans that are allowed in some stadiums continue to boo the displays combatting fake racism that will likely be happening throughout the season.

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    Tom Brady is the father of football. The Patriots are no longer my favorite team. Buccaneers ftw.
    Loyalty is Royalty. Strength and Loyalty

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