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Thread: 444trumpets Thread

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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Yo Trumpets Manefest Qoutes Off Top
    Release The Ammo
    Slow Down The Tempo
    While I Meditate And Use The Mental
    Stay Influencial
    Scripts Freestyling Sequential To Third Eye Sequence
    The Maze In Reality Many Succom To Circumstances Unknown Shown With Messengers Like Food For Thought
    Lessons Speak Like Wisdom
    Killah Bee Invasion
    Soon To Sweep The Lands
    Knowledge Prism
    Mathmatical Cataclysm
    Event Post Date Trumpets Brings War Who Wanna Battle

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    Queen Bee

    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    A dormite skill supplys the last will
    My testement and plee I turn to thee
    A helpless feelin' surrendered to sanity
    A verbal connection for the phyical pleasurment
    A deaf tone, loss of skin tone, life drones-
    It's on and on life's cycle must compelte
    The helpless mistress denies alligations of endagerment
    The breed of me will forever be
    Traped in my ways there's no other solution
    My new resolution save all those dying from polution
    What good I'll be can't wait for them to see
    The me I've know through hours of cold
    Warmed through the sun's inner grace
    The longing of his face is all I await
    The trumpets never cease to blow
    In that direction of the guiding glow

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    Enter The Scene
    Trumpets Release The Figure
    Out The Shadows
    Behind Realistic Point Of Views
    Misuse The Sign As A Natural Wonder
    Secret Of The Space Age Rap
    Delimma Seems To Be Notice More Often Trumpets Freestyle The Secret Doctrine
    War Is Here Im Ready For Battle Lifes Fragile Said It Before Why Wait
    Blow The Trumpets
    Air Fills The Lungs
    Deadly Feeling Knocking On Your Door Forbidden Choice
    Im Underground
    The Air Is Moist
    Underworld Finish The Conquest
    Middle Of The Earth Voyage
    Trumpets Looks At Paradise Somthin Nice
    Who Wanna Battle

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    JOKER FAM Sicka than aidZ's Avatar
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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    i dont know about trumpets,...i aint into that orchestra shit.../
    queen bee, "u a fox?" where's your pro an your pic.../
    asl, whatever...just wonderin if your dyme, that's it.../
    anyways,...ill battle u fool but that shits boring, .../
    i got money to count,no time to check back just to watch u get voted outta this thread were forming .../
    plus u weird as fuck, ima cut off short.../
    im jokin fam, nice to meet u an queen bee..hopefully she's the bomb an got it goin on.., the "female fonz" of wucorp../


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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Who Wanna Battle Trumpets Like Whateva
    Signs For Eyes To See
    Lyrically Hostile
    The Medicines The Remedy
    For The Cure
    Which Ones Worse The Trumpets Or The Signs
    Which Gives Birth
    The Sprit Or The Mind
    Till The Jewels Shine
    Eniemies Come Wit It
    We Running Out Of Time
    Who Wanna Battle
    Leave You Forfieted

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    Queen Bee

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    The right of mind is to the left of time
    Hidden in the past, taken so fast
    Turned around when will it be found
    This battle can't extend to another round
    It's propaganda promoting the war
    The winning side requesting an encore
    The bid you see is as high as it can be
    The stakes are higher than eternity
    Raised it may when the tables turn
    Eyeing my prey will on get the bitches burned
    Scorned I leave theses sunfilled sheets
    Mornings cheer brings forth my day of fear
    Exiled is the night where I hold tight
    The emergance of two begins to brew
    An everlasting wish come true
    Just as all fairytales do

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    Yo Checkmate Invision The Procees Of Nonchalant Nonsence
    Irrevelant In Fact The Earth Got My Back
    Relax Intact Like Spies In Iraq
    Verbal Warfare Is Done The Windbreeze Supplies The Lungs Of
    Breathe In The Energy Within Hold Sin
    Fairy Tale
    Pan With The Flute
    In Trance Some Get Cauhgt In The Moment Of Silence Proceed With Violence
    Story Unfolds Truths To Myths Come In Lessons Are Bread Crumbs The Leftover For Bumbs Give Life Trumpets Blows The Next Season

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    Queen Bee

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    World peace is among the death of thieves
    The deliverance of the treaty is disguised to be-
    The cease of all jealousy
    The powers at hand deny the land
    Free will at last is in our plan
    Wait and see all will come to be
    The penance of the soul is bared and cleaned
    Inner inmortality and peace is a lined
    Desires beware giving in is too pleasurable to bare.

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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    damn both of u are pretty good...great minds... keep it up

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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Yo Who Wanna Come Through Get Ripped God
    Incredible Trumpets
    Brings Miracles
    Judgment Day Watch Me Fill Up The Sky With The Flame
    Highly Unpredictable The Way In Which It Tame S
    The Lifeless Bring Life Into This Session Discussions Facts Discover The Truth
    What Is It
    Trumpets With One Way Signs Give Rays To Other Days Vision The Dream
    The Truth Relies With Proof
    Escavate The Realms Of The Killah Bee
    Faster Sword Swing
    Scriptures Unfold Trumpets Behold The Hole Which Is Cold North Pole
    Souls Forsee The Knowledge 4 4 4 Some See It On Their Mileage Driving
    See The Hope As It Relates To The Qoutes
    Yo Who Wanna Battle

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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Iron Casted Fist-Spinals Blasted Quick
    Maximum Fanastic-Hits Ya Average Kid Get Splattered Battered N Whipped
    yo its da twisted annalistic ballistics
    to rip ya transverbial linguistics with tongue-to-lips-shit-type Olympics
    donít risk it I stay mystic spittin pixilated lyrics
    more visual than the naked eye can emit to you
    Its natural to have the animal instincts of fear in you
    cause when I battle dudes
    I penetrate till my mics shrapnelís thru
    dismantling-sever-to-decapitate-you annihilate fools
    Concoct a synonym to mop ya souls fury to a minimum
    skinning them while spinning a verse of lithium
    I spit deep and solid I could close the opening to the black hole with my knowledge
    Iíll split ya soul to reveal the dark light within ya core
    with flows sharp enough to sever marble floors!!!!

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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Xtadas, all up in ya eye like an iris
    Slay MCs like serial killers that target the Irish
    SUrprising the shit outta folks like blitzkrieg
    You wanna get next to me? I'll fuck up ya destiny
    So raw you need condoms for headphones to listen to me
    Or I'll knock up ya style, battle you in pregnancy
    Illegibly scribin' the words passed down on my head
    Leave the coldest rapper's Kedaver on a flatbed
    Muthafucka's wanna walk up, test me in my sector
    Have they chick come swallow my brain like Hannibal Lecter
    I shut down studios, they can't afford to fix all the mics that I wrecked
    Stupid sick, like Eazy-E's retarded kindred spirit
    You hear it? Sound of a Howitzer, blast the shit outta ya
    Xtadas leave you findin' out y, like algebra
    Who's mad at the six-foot-four white dude in black shirts
    Drivin' a spike so hard into ya brain that you're a corpse before you know it hurts
    Berserk, get it right, don't try to test me
    Leave you dyslexic when I slap words back in ya vicinity.

    "Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."

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    Queen Bee

    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Thunder echoes from the heavens to the earth
    As lighting covers the skies that have yet to die
    The earth still stands on borrowed land
    Suspended in air - gravity proves to be fair
    Time wears thin
    Skin cells settle
    A dust covered existence
    Taking in an instant
    A pause without hesitation
    The minds breathing creation
    Awaken from the slumber
    Shaken off is the filth
    Here is the unbroken vow
    The promised land weds
    The serpent falls to it's knees
    And dies in its own devilish deeds

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    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Yo Emcees Aint Lyrically Ready For The Trumpets
    I Made It Since Birth To Elavate
    Mindstates Since The Beginning
    Sending Messages Back To The Wack
    Acts Flip Cats
    Like How I Flip Scripts
    Qoutes Shut Opponents
    To Rodents
    Eating Off Shit
    I Pile All Over It
    Send The Reply
    I Sit Back Soviet Spy
    444 On Your Mind Cant Twist The New Flava
    Like Pepsi
    Crush You Cans
    Alluminum Soak Up The Energy Mutant Emcee
    Naw Fuck Its Me
    Trumpets Blows The Winds To Your Area
    Somethings Fishy
    Can You Get Wit Me
    Claiming Killah Bee
    Sword Swing Cut The Head Of The Enemy
    Slogans On Goodyear Blimps Reads Appacalyps
    The Explosion Creates
    Revelation Notions
    Just Reside On The Coast
    Whos Claiming Your Host
    Trumpets Gives Signs On Post
    Thread Spread A Worthy Cause
    Round Of Applause

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    Queen Bee

    Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

    Delete the backspace of the developing emecee
    Locked in Scroll who knows what's left to see
    Chains of verbal assult
    Don't worry it ain't ya fault
    Your told to do what your taught
    Here is to the year we bow down
    It's the lion who's merking around town
    Golden to the touch
    The feel warms it up
    Waiting for the next LP
    Who can see
    The proximity of the turmpets horn
    A sound alike
    Waiting for the sword to swipe
    Who's ready to feel the inner walls
    All limbs come crashing to the fall
    It's draning to do the dew
    Ya count is lowered
    So watch ya intake
    The mind can't mistake
    All it takes to bring forth a new fate
    As ya left waiting for the due date


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