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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Follow the leader of melodies I hit the rhythm with pool stick impact
    Soul controller Rakim raps guess who's back to give multiple head cracks
    Your bitching boss is biscuit soft kill em with dental floss throw his body off the loft we jump rappers and leave them criss crossed
    Boys n the hood drama like Doughboy and his mama rifle shots RIP through your body karma
    Leaking like Ricky on the porch it's November too cold to take shorts
    Kyle Rittenhouse A-R self defense tactics impractical practice
    My crew Patra thick we lick shots like the 96 bulls bitch
    And hit the bulls eye the man eventually perishes but never do the tools die
    Hit em with a left for being too right
    Lyrical mannerisms too nice 25 to life like Suge Knight

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    Suge Knight death-row campaigns
    My psyche is at war with my mind frame
    Adversary personality James Cagney public enemy
    LAPD discriminatory degree of brutality
    Kamikaze tendencies, chaotic unpredictability
    Firestarter mentality manipulates electricity
    Purgatory imagery, demonic presence imaginary
    Leather-clad fiendish figures of vile scriptures
    Garishness of Weimar Germany, grisly iniquities
    Transgressive testimonies, louche lunacy
    Can't get right like Ray/Claude is why I got life
    Live in pen like goodfellas with no strife
    Got game like Anthony Curtis with pool stick
    Cowboys with dead prez dreams get hit quick
    Hot lead out baked barrel will melt your apparel
    Dead on arrival put away wife's menstrual Midol

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    Been blunt every day I speak
    Been on that shit since
    Now yall wince and flinch
    Seen thru your shades
    like Malcolm wit an Ak
    Get it like Mario vs DK
    Smash and pass
    Now we playing games
    No more stand by phase
    Im going for the jugular
    Blaze on Johnny Storm
    Ignite me tight
    Nice when I write
    Leave lit like the wick
    Straight spit flames leave mind degraded
    Always move like sun in retrograde
    Expose the fate reintegrate
    Seen thru shade thrown
    As I take my throne
    Im the lord of chaos
    When your displaying odds
    Just sit back and play your cards

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    I read rappers like clairvoyants' tarot cards
    They act hard but turn to Ms. Tucker in prison yard
    They're quick to flop like King James off his throne
    Forego emergency room straight to funeral home
    Cut hyoid bones when chrome shines on domes
    Wig caps peeled from hot lead of cold steel
    Full-blown faggot emcees like Lil' Nas X on BET
    Claim to hold heat but are scared of BBQ grill flames
    They profusely perspire when they see M-16 rifle fire
    Cordell Hayes road rage when fury of gats blaze
    I'm quick to detonate like short wick on dynamite stick
    TNT strikes incite, I write infernos that will ignite mics
    Revolver lead showers devour spineless cowards
    Leatherface with chainsaw slaughter abilities
    Butchery ideologies turn unthinkable tragedies
    Macabre history of John Wayne Gacy's property

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    I'm clogging the pressure their applying I break pipes rhyming
    I barbeque the mic and throw it at your grill sizzle skulls in perfect timing
    AR in the lining of my Northface parka hole left in your fitted by an allstar shotta
    I got a lot to lose and more to win caught in between the gen active my chi to discreetly damage your men
    More power from the ranger hands faster than the banger in the midst of danger
    Code red rhetoric born holy like Jesus in the manger changer of styles beat a blood blue for tripping must've how I'm rowdy with a shottie I'm a legendary shooter like Scottie Pippen
    Got Chinese dimes screaming and creaming once I slip in no vaseline just hard knocks that are groundbreaking like earthquakes
    Love juices dripping wetting the sheet's one last stroke I beat break
    Then dip like some chips me and vatos
    In the barrios of Los Angels holding heat wrestling stress like Kurt Angle
    Nobody beat the Mantra his answer a beat machine, a bottle of Don Julio and an exotic dancer
    You don't want the smoke like someone with throat cancer
    My wild styles courtesy of beat street I crush grooves no beefs defused just cows laying motionless in blood pools

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    Unabomber styles furious as Tre's father
    Even that dude Devin don't want that smoke
    I'll pin-point an isotope with this rifle scope
    I'm the answer Iverson is only the question
    From OC/LA barrios where fam turned sicarios
    Temper of Sonny is why I couldn't be Godfather
    Foes woke from sleep in bloody silk sheets
    Tennis racket size slugs tore thru Starter jackets
    Godzilla type fire thru your fire-retardant attire
    Fatal strikes when I use mics to pulverize windpipes
    Vile crimes of Dr. Gosnell when he sheared babies' spines
    Sacrificial lambs soon as I flex wingspan like Rodan
    Paranoia psychosis how friends turn nemesis
    They're envious cause I'm the GOAT like Black Jesus
    I'm Batman they're only Robin like Scottie Pippen
    Grief-stricken from this heathen, Shaq BBQ chicken

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    I'm like Sonny in Bronx tale beating down the bikers
    Nobody leaves know furious warlord striker
    Adding Power to the cipher shank specialist like a lifer
    American me big 38 bulldog in my tan dungarees
    I raise the temperature like Dubai summer degrees bless the Fam with a g
    Keep 40k terrorist shit the clique move the Taliban way
    Keep it rugged like Shyheim shit be real when I spray verbal slugs
    You pass out like a prostitute drugged
    I bomb hills from Cypress hit the bomb and hit thugs
    Heads split like virgin vagina sword penetrates well
    In the tower with power golden rod hollowpoint shells
    Silver bullets and kevlar vests in the storage stored ready for modern day hell
    Mantra giving some swells and migraines fighting method flying crane
    Switch to tiger my uncanny cadence is unexplained
    Fuck the fame I stick emcees for grands in the finale I reign
    Epic triumph my axe Hack bean stalks and then I slay Goliath giants
    You cats who got it wrinkled get hot pressed with iron
    I'm not lying then I river toss the heater two minutes to escape the incoming sirens

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    Heater range freakish like Reggie Miller
    Burners pump iron size of Schwarzenegger
    Terminator machine, Thanatron in bloodstream
    Martyr backpack raps deadly as Kodiaks
    When like Patrick Bateman I wield the axe
    DC sniper turned California three-striker
    Peril of Roy Horn as he handled white tiger
    Necklines maimed after punctured jugular veins
    Conduct mean as Joe Greene on 4th & 15
    Mean mugs in pain after botched execution drugs
    When it is gun talk I speak in seared slugs
    Foes souls devoured by powder of gun towers
    Deep deadly skills of Conrad Murray sleep pills
    Arsonist ill-will when I blaze joints like Cypress Hill
    Climate change temperature been Derrick rose
    Coroner composed how foes rest with tagged toes

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    It's uncommon valor once I come through rifle blasting your door
    You get Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care if you declared war
    Like Sosa did to Scarface for not smoking the women and kids on the car chase
    It takes two like Rob Bass I did a double murder one burner stashed in a guitar case
    Never be the same again like Ghostface
    I got it Special Ed made iron maid
    en throwing grenades at opposition swinging blades
    True fist of the North Star hand in your girl's sports bra
    Squeezing nipples until she floods after I bust off skuds
    Cripple a crip and leave him laying in blood

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    No gratitude my blind fury surpasses any altitude
    Alpha packs the mack to shoot down wolves hunting for food
    Bitches getting turned out like rubik's cube
    Drama intensifies any attempts of revenge means multiple autopsies
    I'm hit soldier's scream on Walky talkies
    I'm original do you copy? My own allies out to chalk me preparing heists on blackboards
    Banks filled with mills but we drive Taureses, and Honda Accord's
    Once we land- lords run for cover
    But it's useless as bullet wielding drone's hover
    Above your faction you get broken down like fractions online blogger's drop video reactions
    Don't get criss crossed before lift off hit you with the draco in the cookie store like Young Dolph
    Once platinum rappers going gold fish
    We move unnoticed and hit your lab with a notice
    I define novice how I flow bitch
    Unhealthy like trying to hold shit
    Coldness felt in the epicenter merciless splendor fruity rappers thrown in blender's

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