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Thread: Battle the new guy...

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    Default Battle the new guy...

    Any takers?? please, bring your best.

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    i specialize in relentlessness
    makin you a defenceless bitch
    put tools to ya head like ya dentist did
    who next to dread this shit?..
    like goin to court.. known it the corp
    i stand alone in this sport.. ownin' the fort
    been smokin bones in my Porsche
    goin to war.. if you aint showin support
    i turn men to statistics..
    with the business end of a buscuit
    split ya wig wit da quickness
    spittin hollow tips n ballistics
    laser precision givin... sit n listen
    stick shivs in rhythms like prison victems
    ten homies with 'em.. all feelin willin
    to drill in ya grill like fillins.. kill ya children
    hung by their heels from ceilins
    im spillin da real 'n, illest flows
    been dealin dro.. n chillin with hoes
    just makin sure the deal is closed
    she feelin whoa! strappin a magnum son
    cuz hoes be gettin 'round like gatlin guns
    lets have sum fun.. cuz i aint lackin funds
    got stacks of ones.. but bitch dont ask 4 none
    ill slash your tongue.. nothin to play with
    catch a razor face lift.. ill fuckin make ya famous
    make ya nameless.. peep how slick my aim is
    split ya anus.. from a thousand yards
    so sickenin' aint it? how i pound ya hard
    inflictin' this pain 'n now ya countin stars

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    Hey man, that was wicked, great drop. I can only hope to mildly compare, all's fair in love and war, please comment constructively and criticize the same.

    i come at you through the side of your car
    you stomp on the gas, but you aint gonna go far
    here's a surprise, I've slashed your tires
    did you say your goodbyes? This satisfies my desires
    to muffle your cries, i'm setting two fires
    one signals your demise...the other hots your wires.
    bow down kingshyt, and show respect to the true sires
    or i'll kill your moms and have you dressed in black like providence friars.
    you come into this thinking i'm gonna be intimidated
    but you'll come out of it completely incinerated.
    know this, that writing rhymes gets me elated
    and notice, that this battle can't stop once its been instigated.
    i'll deal with you like reptiles, the cold blooded race
    kill you viciously, blow off sixty percent of your face
    they'll be reminiscing over you in cyberspace
    pick up your story for a tv show which i'll watch at my place
    you'll be on Law and Order and your pops'll be on Without a Trace
    upon my dirty work the episodes will be based
    i'll write in, demanding for my royalty dues
    they'll have fully profited off taking my work from the ten o'clock news.
    you've determined your own fate, its too late, my shit is menacing
    i'll pay off your doctor and he'll poison up your medicine
    some say im a legend, some say im a vigilante
    i say i just justify justice to those who taunt me
    it's crazy how your girl's bedroom is where she wants me
    if you've been dealing dro, then Jemima's my real auntie.
    and if you've only got stacks of one's, why don't you fire someone
    cause that's small time, player, and the dealers i know don't let paper get that low.
    so get the fuck back bro, before i disable everyone you know
    stick the gun to their heads, and put on a puppet show
    kingShyt, you're the king of all jack shit.
    And your girl and I have been through some kinky ass shit.
    to summarize i attack with brute force, i'm a lyrical workhorse
    And you are simply confused, calling your daddy's Toyota Firefly your Porsche.

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    nice holmes.. ima type up anotha lil diddy for da fuk of it


    heres your Reality TELEvision..
    Im fatalities, well written..in hell's kitchen
    leave foe's missin.. like bail skippin
    impale victems.. cuz T.V. aint real
    its Fake! ..ill spit in his meal... 'n Make
    this fuckin faggot finish his plate
    We pickin up sum static vision his way
    We need a hanger we can stick in his braids
    A channel changer.. we can click him away
    I handle bangers.. getcha picture displayed
    on milk cartons.. ya been missin for days
    im switchin frequencies.. u wanna beef wit me?
    Dont make me leap up in that T.V. screen
    peein' streams.. 'n takin leaks on things
    that would be da King... live on every station
    just look at the climbin ratins.. im instatin'
    Amazin... im makin wine from raisins
    live entertainment.. da rhymes dat im creatin'
    pound da clubs jus like a tribe of cavemen
    Son, ya time is wastin' ..pull ya plug out
    the source of ya power's run out
    u dont wanna have to make me dumb out
    pull a gun out...'n blow ya fuckin lung out

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    i take it this dude aint comin thru ??

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    Hell okay you wanna battle then let's battle I take you to the rebellion
    Taste the medicine ranked up like a veteran
    Instead of em the force that brings evidence
    Never dropping pestlence Cause I'm dropping contagous elements
    In 6 trials spit freestyle in 6 styles
    A golden path to follow I spit tiles in 6 miles with 6 vials
    If he aint coming thru then I'm coming thru
    Spit hexes in message til I summon you
    In a dungeon with a trungeon and curruption too
    Lava bubbles hot til it errupts on you
    Let me cuss and diss fuck you kids
    Who bust to live and cuss your bitch
    Storm fused with the blizzard send the snow
    14 bars I'm out end of flow

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