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    They’re the Freshest Thing Your ears will hear… There is definitely more than one element to music! Melody, words and meaning is most important-but unity is key. FLY & POLZINO have been friends since middle school. When kids were talking about weekend plans and teenage fun-the guys were expressing their interest in music to one another and even writing lyrics in their spare time.

    Both boys grew up in latin households, however, Polzino (18) had more of a feel for the reggaeton and latin side of music while Fly (18) was more attracted to the hiphop/rap side. Although as mentioned previously both the guys loved music-they never thought that they would later form a group (FLY & POLZINO). After knowing each other for a few years, Fly & Polzino decided to hit the local studio and work on some music together. Polzino’s flow stood out incredibly on all the reggaetone tracks he touched and Fly did not only sound incredible on the microphone but he also had diverse lyrical talent!

    In early 2006 a talent agency by the name of Daville Entertainment was interested in investing some money in the boys’ music collaboration. After a brief meeting with Ron Campbell (CEO of Daville) and Anthony Gonzalez , JR.(President of Daville), the boys quickly began recording their first mix tape. A movement was beginning to form throughout that year. It was called The Future of Rap and Latin Hip Hop. It was rich with Latin flavor , laced with hot hip hop beats and refreshed with two talented guys with amazing flow and great looks!

    After the mix tape was done, Fly and Polzino performed at numerous musical functions and began acquiring a fan base. (To whom they are most thankful!) With the Latin population expanding and the Hip Hop industry in need of fresh young talent, The Future of Rap & Latin Hiphop will be hitting us hard and will be here to stay! It is only a matter of time before FLY & POLZINO will reach the waves of radio stations around the country, the world, and the ears of many fans!

    Fly & Polzino would like to thank all of their friends, supporters, family and most of all, their fans for taking the time and listening to their music. Please continue visiting their concerts, booking them in your showcases and showing the great support you have been expressing! Every one of you is thought of daily and appreciated to the fullest. And please remember that the Future of Rap & Latin Hip Hop is NOW and it is here to STAY!


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