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Thread: An Unknown [Bronze/Kevlaar] Assortment of Broken Down Lyrics..

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    props silencer.. i'm really digging your explanations!

    the lyrics are so deep!

    keep it up!! rep
    Shaolin shadowboxin' and the wu-tang swordstyle...
    If what you say is true...
    The shaolin and the wu-tang could be dangerous!
    En garde, I'll let you try my wu-tang style...

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    when the new tape drops I'll definitely be diggin into a few verses..

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    "ike T" prolly refers to Ike Turner.. who used to hit his wife Tina Turner..
    Shaolin shadowboxin' and the wu-tang swordstyle...
    If what you say is true...
    The shaolin and the wu-tang could be dangerous!
    En garde, I'll let you try my wu-tang style...

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    ^^yup, that's gotta be it....

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    Default Streets is My Home

    Verse Two
    Bronze Nazareth

    The park bench is my bed, breathe the dark stench of the lead--

    he's living in the city, outside on a bench sleepin every night and constantly breathin in the polluted city air exactly

    --in the city air, my 16th pair of donated shoes
    the blow made me snooze, no dough for daily booze

    i think 'the blow made me snooze' is a short line trying to sum up how his life got like this...exactly

    In God's Kitchen soup meals, who fields this dead?

    ^^referring to the public kitchen thingys they have around the city for bums to come and have 'soup meals'....don't know what the second part means..[one site says the second part could be 'who feels this dead?' and maybe it's like he's asking everyone in the soup kitchen] just trying to say there not too many at this low of a point that situation brings

    Who real enough to sleep with cardboard over his head?
    When it rains, i shower, the bottle's always my best friend

    A life of lonely travels wherever i lay my hat
    wherever the day be at, I always got darkened clouds--

    describing the always hard life of a street bum..yeah

    --even when it's sunlight
    My son might be graduatin', ain't seen him since '86 since Rick wrestled alligators
    I'm balanced on several layers, (lots of clothes due to weather)
    amongst candles and prayers
    the devil glares in my face in my night-mares!

    he's a homeless guy who hasn't seen his son in years....he thinks his son is probably about the age where he would be graduating school and then the Rick Russell alligators part is confusing...I had an uncle Rick in Florida
    who used to tell this stroy of how he wrestled this alligator in the water, it was waaaay back bout '86, so it's really a time marker

    Remember facing M-16s for my nation's army
    Now I'm facing the clerk, at the Salvation Army

    he fought in war for the country, facing enemies guns but now he's got nothing--NO SUPPORT FROM THE COUNTRY HE DEFENDED---and he's at the Salvation Army tryin' to pick up clothes or whatever...right

    I asked God why I always had walked alone,
    no answer so there's no heaven, the Streets is My Home

    there's been a few times where Bronze has loosely referenced in his verses an old parable where a person has a dream in which they're walking on the beach next to God and viewing all the scenes from their life in the sky and then they look back and see sometimes there's only one set of footprints in the sand and it's cuz those were the hard times in life when God carried him...(Sinuhe's Impasse: "that one set of footprints, i probly DID walk alone") EXACTLY, thats high science !

    it's a pretty deep parable i think and for me personally Bronze's outlook on it seems to hit ever deeper...in this situation, he's fictionally representing a homeless man who's had a life of hardships and realized he's been going at it alone the whole time and his frustrated response at the very end is that "there's no heaven!!"....i think it's a beautiful ending


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    clarifications in green

    Handle the Heights
    [3rd verse]
    Bronze Nazareth

    I spit heat-searin', beat-clearin' shots at ya sternum
    burn 'em and send Hallmark postcards to the sermon

    crazy opening..he throws darts that are so powerful they're searin' from heat and their aimed right at the chest...where the heart is...then when the subject is dead, he'll send greeting cards to the sermon like everybody else....

    right, but the second line refers to how HALLMARK the company had their hands in printing up actual post cards, with lynched African Americans on the picture hung or burnt up with saying like "We Enjoyed the Barbecue". This was back when lynching was popular and accepted, parents would even take their kids to watch and participate in the lynchings, usually for something as little as whistling at a white woman, or being accused of a crime they did not commit. So these first line is just me imagining payback for that racist shit. Shots to the CHEST.

    Dirty vermin wit shiny crowns in the dirty glove show me 30 rounds worth of love, written' in slugs

    the kings of the underground syndicates, the head mobsters and criminals, all the 'vermin' show him love for his skills (which were described in the first two lines) by saluting him with rounds of gunshots..just saying we grimy, but the clean, Dirty Glove refers to Michigan, and its shape.

    I speak life sentences, trapped in the years
    Words escape like inmates from trap between ears

    "I speak life sentences" is probably my favorite line besides the final one....so many meanings to that one line..life sentences could mean he spits that real-life shit, the stuff we can all relate to as ppl---but its also like he speaks on the dark and tragic shit like cats being imprisoned for life..my favorite too, youre exact on it

    second line is using the same imagery as the first, he's freeing these 'inmates' that were trapped inside his brain...the symmetry as well as imagery (and deeper meanings) between the two lines is crazy..

    words (rhymes) escape like imates from trapped between ears (which is the brain = placed permanantly between your ears)

    Practice crackin' sutures, pollution from mutual war
    My thoughts on they theater shit like Lincoln on the fourth floor

    this one I'm not too sure about at all, especially the second line..i don't even know whether or not I'm hearing it right...there's definitely some heavier meaning to it but it escapes me..You had this later in the thread right, when Booth put his brains(thoughts) on the ford theater floor. Im also saying I think theatrical

    Keep the magnum P.I. on top of it, prophet
    Detroit west burglars with murderous logic
    pinpoint chest and vertebrae, get burnt through ya topic
    Servin' multitudes of fraudulent emcees be the conquest

    the last line is of course sayin that the main goal, the conquest, is to serve or bring it to all these frauds that are emceeing nowadays...but besides that I need this one to be elaborated on..
    keep the Magnum (gun) on top of my hip
    burlars with murderous logic means - I'm not just robbing but I'ma come in and do the witnesses too, which is just to say lyrically ima go all out
    trying to forever murder all fake mc's

    We send warning from gas, harass like mass gnats
    when i heard the "snacks" line at first I didn't think i was hearing it right...unless it's "harass like mad snags" which i don't think it is....otherwise I guess its referring to a whole shitload of candybars and shit like that----hard to resist, but i dono about harassing..

    hard to resist Candy Bars? LMAO you still my homie though bruh

    We toast we crack glass, smoke hash
    through Alaskan pipeline, recite grenades, Bronze sonic mind
    Runnin' in front of the grim reaper I'm ahead of my time..

    i love the imagery on "smoke hash through Alaskan pipeline" and then of course the final line is one of the best on the whole cd, an absolutely insane metaphor which I don't think even needs any kind of explanation..

    smoke alot need the titan blunts, alaskan pipeline
    you got the grim reap shit on razor...


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    Default Killa Bee Swarm

    a look at the first verse on Killa Bee Swarm...track 10 on the Almighty album..

    Killa-bee, rhymin on mountains burnin' the forest down
    tucked with a spear, nouns revolve like all our crowns

    cool imagery on the second line, the revolving head of a spear compared to the spinnin' words (nouns) coming out of a revolving compact disc (or record) and also the image of a crown upon the heads of his kingly crew..

    We sting like White Horse up in ya nose,
    or black talons from desert eagles that scrape ya bones

    the killa bee sting is a sharp one like takin' a blast of coke thru the nose, or like the gash from a ridiculously sharp talon of an eagle....Bronze uses the eagle talon image pretty often in his rhymes it seems like..
    right plus black talons are a brand of hollowpoint bullets, Desert eagle is a guns, also Eagles have talons that are sharp

    needles to an arm on tracks came thru veins,
    on tracks that we run trains.

    first line is fuckin ridiculous...so many of his words have double meanings, that's one of the reasons its fun to break this shit down..."track marks" is a term used to describe the needle marks all over the arms of a crackhead, heroine addict, whatever so---continuing with the comparison of the killa bee sting---it's like the poke of a needle into your forearm but you can also look at it as like you're diggin the needle into your skin but your injecting the "track", this song, into your veins, into your blood...its gonna get your blood pumping.....ALSO "on tracks came thru veins" can be referring to the music that they make which comes from the heart..right

    then the second line is switchin up the imagery now to refer the tracks to the smooth flow of a train along a train track...the tracks are so vivid and real that u can run a fuckin train on them....(also "run trains" is like when a crew of dudes bangs a chick for example Ghostface: "Jamie Sommer got trained on the tour bus" so the line can mean like they're raping the beat...) right

    Each wheel spin well stay in one lane, stay in gun aim postures,
    a murderous rhyme scope wit U in the crosshairs

    continuing with the train imagery, each aspect of the song (or of the crew, the Wisemen, whatever) plays its part perfectly, each wheel spins perfectly along the track....from there he switches to another image by the use of nice wordplay and the second line here is just nuts..

    I slice off ears if I'm not verse of the month
    I'm perfectly numb, suffer from a curse of the young
    slurpin' up rum, burnin' up slums, smirkin at nuns
    dirtiest guns tossed in the murkiest ponds

    i love this part.."perfectly numb" has become part of my vocabulary in real life and then he goes on to describe the "curse of the young" in a pretty slick way...
    "dirtiest guns tossed in the murkiest ponds" brings to mind Dom Pachino on Red Dawn: "scuffed up guns, toss the filthy heat then run....serial scraped, found it in a nearby lake, dried it off an hour later caught ya man for his cake"

    My thoughts worth the earth's weight in the purplest dimes,
    I should shine enough to sit on thrones in land mines

    my interpretation of the second line on this one is probably wrong but I like it...
    the first line is obvious (and it's a crazy dart)--"my mind is worth about as much as 6 tons of some seriously sticky weed" RIIIIIIGHT!
    and the second one I take as meaning his talent is so great, his shine so bright that he should be sittin on thrones underground that are as bright as explosions of many landmines....

    Move in wit Michigan Militia,
    bullets, rhymes, darts, or criminals might hit ya

    i love the second line, this has really gotta be one of his dopest non-Great Migration verses...it may even be his best verse on the Almighty album---only one that would come close is probably his one on Think Piece (or Handle the Heights if I can understand a few more of the lines)...
    when i saw the Michael Moore documentary "Bowling for Columbine" they had a little segment on the Michigan Militia and this line immediately popped into my head...its a real group, check it out here the story is pretty fuckin cool..

    Stingin precision with a sawed-off paragraph
    seduce ya queen bee into a bubble straw berry bath

    another crazy set of lines, what a fuckin verse this is....he's precisely blastin with a paragraph (a verse) that's got the impact of a sawed-off shotgun....nasty yes siir

    and then the second line is a favorite of mine and i love the way he delivers it...

    Number-one Miller draft pick, killer bee drastic
    Aamco rhyme, chemical flow, cement jungle habits

    a nice little finish, mostly playin on the words like Miller Genuine Draft beer and Aamco is either referring to the auto repair service (so the rhymes are precise) or i THINK there is also a gasoline company with that name so it's like the rhymes is smooth, thus "chemical flow"..
    the draft pick part could also be used in the way he delivered it on the intro to the first Thought for Food mixtape, "Honest feelins I'm appealin/Masses to catch this Wu draft pick" like he's a newly drafted player on the mighty Wu squad.... exactly

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    corrections in green

    Come to Life Faster (prod by Purpose)

    [Bronze Nazareth]

    Yo, born in the 12th month, angels felt cold huh?
    Word to my old pop, keep venom like the cobra

    born in the cold month of December, the angels delivering him must've been feeling that brisk Michigan weather...also could be looked at as like the angels were 'cold' in a bad way, making this baby have to begin his life in a freezing cold tundra type of environment.. EXACTLY, also like "you dropped me back down to this cold cold world!" so Im asking you the listener if you agree that I was wronged by them when I say "huh?"

    for the second line.....i'm not too sure of the 'keep venom' line---the first thing that comes to mind is that he inherited his dad's temper, his "venom"....but it could also have a different connotation with the snake/venom image but I'll leave that one alone and let you use your imagination...

    my Dad always has his heat on him, like father like son....

    Grow wild in the open, to open bottles often
    Drank my pain away it felt like coffins...

    moving on thru his life, the first line brings the image of how plants or trees left alone in wilderness spread freely and "grow wild" but it's used to represent how young Bronze was let loose to grow up in the streets and get into some wild shit, drinking VODKA (dont really like beer) in the streets.....Exact

    and then using this habit to try to drown out his sorrows and stresses in life (a description i remember Nas using a bunch of times in the past) but doing so was killin him, the physical wear that heavy drinking has on the body (could also be a double meaning about holding up a coffin as a pall bearer, holding onto a bottle? i dono....maybe that's a reach)

    it feels like u are dyin when you are into a vice that deep, like you are alive but in a coffin....

    Cement often...rose just to spite me,
    reality hit hard like Ike T

    seems like the ground was rising up to trip him up along his journey at times...the second part I'm really unsure of...Reality hit hard is understandable but i dono who "Ike T" is...i was thinking it could also be either Ice Tea as in Long Island Ice Tea which is a drink that goes down smooth but then will hit you HARD when u realize how drunk you've gotten...or 'Ice-T' as in the reality show he used to have....i dono..

    cement = the city, the streets
    Ike Turner used to abuse tina

    I'm on the porch sheisty,
    blunted middle finger to the po-lice
    black hoody, when times get ugly the street mad pretty

    chillin up on the porch at a house party or wherever, blazin blunts and flailing the fuck-you at the cops.....last line is a nice one, trying to make some cash off the street life seems pretty tempting when the legit way ain't doing it for u...exact thoughts, cept for the house party lotta niccas spend time on their porch doing some of everything

    Handle my city wit my palm, nigga I'm grown
    "I gotta help keep the heat and the lights on"

    now he's grown up, he's an adult and he's got to seriously handle his situation and support himself (and family)...
    according to DaSun, the second line is quoting Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob on the song "Thought Process" and it's reiterating how he's at the stage now where he's gotta get his shit together and bring in some money to help pay the bills (this line really struck me personally when the song first dropped cuz I had just moved out to Cali and was gettin used to having my own apartment and having to put the gas and electricity on and start paying for that shit.....somethin new to me) yeah that's a CEE Lo line. and if you listen to this song I mixed Cee Lo's line in the background from Thoght Process. its right under when I said it, to make sure and pay homage.

    I'm flowin in but no money outta this microphone,
    I recite a war poem while jumpin over obstacles

    this is his chosen craft, he's an artist ('starving artist') trying to make his money this way, by rapping on mics but he's not seeing too much money out of it as an underground artist in an age where bullshit reigns on the surface...
    i love the second line, referring to the verses as a 'war poem' reminds of Killarmy and he's hurdling over the obstacles in life at the same time as he writing and producing and rapping...
    just these two short lines give a perfect picture of where B is coming from, putting his art out there to support himself but life is always throwing shit at you it seems... yes siiiiirr real shit!

    Same stanza have a stranger strangled, vivid as Maya Angelou
    Tangible rhyme animal, hungry to eat

    I may not have the words right in the beginning but if it is it's got an obvious meaning and it's a dope one...he can come with that hard, angry rugged battle-rap type shit but also with vivid poetic beauty..

    Released on furloughs (?) from my mind to follow God's feet

    I'm gonna leave this one alone...someone else take a crack at it or else hopefully Bronze will explain some time..

    A furlough is a temporary leave of absence, especially from a prison term. Sayin my mind is troubled, oppressed, jailed, stuck, and the only escape is higher powers, then its back to the mind

    I repeat like a broke record, habits that choke leopards
    Lungs open like receivers, sung open wounds closed like them old voodoo healers

    he's stays stuck in those same old habits (smokin weed, getting drunk, whatever) that can 'choke' (think of coughing) a leopard (a mad athletic animal that runs like crazy)...

    right I really just meant smoking, I dont really drink too much but smoke --yes enuf to choke a leopard

    I love the last part about the voodoo healers...you could look at it like "lungs open" is a double meaning for both blazing Ls (continuing from the first line) but also speaking/reciting lyrics and doing so he's letting off steam and stress in a positive way and healing his own open wounds in the process...

    lungs open like recievers (like the wide reciever is open for the pass)
    my music heals is basically the point of tghe voodu line

    While my niggas slammed in mausoleums,
    the nausea will keep you scratchin at the coffin tops
    Causin' gusts of poisonous wind drafts that make the neighbors call the cops

    my favorite lines of the whole song..
    witnessing his brothers, good friends whatever being killed and then placed in caskets (a mausoleum is a big-ass cemetery monument) makes him sick to the point I feel so ill that it feels like Im trapped in the coffin scratching trying to get out...

    'gusts of poisonous wind drafts' is the deep, SCREAMS of sorrow from the heart at losing a close companion so early...thats ill too but I meant the sickness moves across the city like gusts of wind, infecting the youth who commit acts that make the neighbors have to call the police

    32 flavors I drop...at the speed of a feather
    get ya shit broke like flower pots 'n Mayweather.....

    He drops that colorful, flavorful artistic shit so smoothly and gracefully.....but what's great about this line to me (and this had to be unintentional) was the connection with the number 32...in James Joyce's book Ulysses (regarded as the greatest novel of the 20th century), the main character is constantly thinking throughout the book about the Law of Falling Bodies which is basically gravity (and it's got all kinds of deeper meanings in Joyce's work about the Fall of Man)----but he describes it as being 32 feet per second per second....he's constantly talking about that number 32 in that way...yeah exactly and you're roght I cant take any credit for joyce tho neva heard of him, but thats an ill connect

    second line is just like the sound waves might shatter your flower pot or blast you in the face like a Floyd Mayweather punch.....Mayweather is a famously awesome boxer who's from Bronze's hometown Grand Rapids ('Gun Rule') and then the song ends with Mayweather talking...

    also their are a lot of flower pots out in May, due to april showers
    so May Weather means the boxer and also a flower pot getting broken in the weather during the month of may

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    WOW....this is fuckin incredible..

    i've got a few more that I was gonna type up this week but didn't get the chance...now that I see it's finally gettin attention maybe I'll start doing this more..

    this is about as good as it gets on this website..

    HUGE thanks for comin thru Bronze.....

    u know I'm gonna have to try to tackle that Chambers of Four joint soon.......

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    Mad propz Bronze for that...

    Read the first 2 & they are incredible...

    P.E.A.C.E. god......

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    I've checked this thread out a bunch of times, and I want to thank Bronze and Kevlaar for coming through. Not many rappers take the time to build with their fans like this.

    I'm reposting the article I did on Black Royalty in this thread in hopes that Bronze or Kev will check it out. It'd be interesting to see if my interpretations of the rhymes are what they intended to get across.

    "I still run into students banging my first joint/ Wrote an essay on the second LP to prove a point/"


    First off, if you're unfamiliar with Bronze Nazareth, here's a quick history lesson. He's a Wu-Tang affiliated producer/MC from Detroit who made his first appearance producing two songs on RZA's "Birth of a Prince" album. He released his stellar debut solo album "The Great Migration" in 2006, followed by a dope group album in 2007, "Wisemen Approaching", with his brother (Kevlaar 7) and childhood friends (Salute & Phillie). He has since gone on to produce tracks for some of the best MC's in the game, including GZA, Sean Price, Ras Kass, and Immortal Technique. Just this year, he was part of The Almighty - an underground supergroup also consisting of Killah Priest, C-Rayz Walz, M-80, and newcomers 5-Star and Son One. Their album "Original Sin" was released in the summer and featured guest appearances from Canibus, Planet Asia, and Keith Murray, among others. In September, he dropped a mixtape entitled "Thought For Food Vol. 2" in preparation for his sophomore album "School For The Blindman" set for a 2009 release.

    Bronze's production style is reminiscent of the early Wu-Tang sound, heavily featuring hard drums and vocal samples. While he stays in the same vein as the pioneering style, he has certainly carved his own niche and developed his own signature sound. As an MC, Bronze is an abstract poet, describing street tales and personal tribulations with heavy imagery and dense verbiage that takes a few spins to catch all of it. This is most evident on the song "Black Royalty" from "The Great Migration". Before I get into the lyrics, the title of the song alone carries a lot of weight. For example, on "I Can", Nas spits how blacks were "kings and queens, never porchmonkeys", so Bronze is referencing the royal history of blacks in Africa, and saying he is a direct descendent of that lineage. He could also be referring to Jesus, as some Biblical scholars (and countless rappers) believe that Jesus was actually a lot darker than the popularized image we know now (check "B.I.B.L.E" by Killah Priest, or "King of Kings" by Royce the 5' 9''). Jesus was called "The King of Kings", hence black royalty.

    Royal golden, watch my inner soul flowin'
    Like leaves in the Galilee current towards the ocean
    Grab it and smoke one, but don't overdose lungs
    I'll trade you these scriptures if you hand me your guns

    He's putting all his heart and soul into the rhymes and the flow. You've heard many rappers say their flow is as smooth as water, but he extends the metaphor, saying the soul he puts in his flow moves like the waters in Galilee. Galilee is a province in northern Israel where some say Jesus spent the first thirty years of his life, and performed many miraculous acts such as healing a blindman. Also, the Sea of Galilee is the largest freshwater lake in Israel, so not only are Bronze's rhymes sincere and smooth, they're also untampered with. He's also trying to clean up the slums he lives in with that freshwater, by getting rid of the guns and drugs in exchange for knowledge and righteousness, much like Jesus and many other figures in the past have tried to do.

    Made it for students in the school of life
    I can write a sun ray, author a full moon's light
    My words are sutures to a broken future
    That stitch clouds together, lift you to God when we lose you

    I dont remember the exact quote, but someone once said that you only die when you stop attaining knowledge. You could be 100 years old, but if you're not learning anything or trying to pass the knowledge on, you're not doing much but taking up space. The music he makes is trying to get that knowledge across to the people who are on that quest to learn more about the world and themselves. In the second line, he's describing his words, saying they can provide light. Light can can be considered analogous to knowledge in 5% lingo, as the number one stands for the sun, as well as knowledge. So the light he writes is knowledge for those who seek it. The next two bars are the most beautiful lines I've heard in any genre of music. Though he's trying to spread positivity, some die before they can get it because of their environment, but a lot of people may just ignore him and continue on in their ways, and propagating the state of the world they live in. Even though people will ignore his words and continue their downward spiral, he still does all he can to help them and brings them to God's side, not caring if they chose to heed his words or not. The old saying is that Jesus loves everyone, and Bronze here isn't making a distinction between good and bad, as he wants everyone to reach God's light, whether in life or through death. His words will help them get there in attempts to change the state of the slums they live in, and heal the 'broken future'.

    I speak planets, think mountains, deep fountains
    Bleed messages, tell the welfare kids
    Place Saturn's rings around a splattered kid's wig
    And send him to heaven's gates to earn his severed wings
    I greet the fallen angels with a second chance
    Under blankets of death like winter Indian chants

    The first lines are just describing how visual his words and thoughts are, but there's more to it. Galilee has many mountains in the region, and "deep fountains" could be referencing the Sea of Galilee once again, as it is the lowest freshwater lake in the world in terms of elevation. So, he's not trying to convert anyone, but he's trying to reach the troubled kids to stop the 'broken future' cycle from continuing, by teaching them about knowledge of self and waking them up to the world around them. To the kids that have already died due to their environment, he puts Saturn's rings around their head, much like a halo. People say kids are innocent and pure, which is much like how angels are described. Due to their surroundings, the innocence was stripped from the kids, or as Bronze puts it, they had their wings severed, and he wants to send them to heaven so they can reclaim that innocence and have a second chance.

    If you've taken a history class, you know European settlers came and basically gave the Natives blankets full of smallpox and other diseases, which killed them off because they had no immunity. Also, since they didnt have much in the ways of shelter, they needed the blankets to keep them warm in the winter. 'Blankets of death' is therefore referring to the diseases in the blankets, as well as layers of snow that covered their bodies in the cold. Bronze is saying that the governmental institutions that dont do anything about poverty are like those European settlers, in that they know there's a problem, but dont do anything to change it, and its probably more profitable to themselves not do anything about it at all. The people stuck in the ghettos are analogous to the Natives back then. Natives used chants whether in spiritual ceremonies, or in times of celebration, and black slaves in the US would also sing songs that sent secret messages about the Underground Railroad. Under the blankets of disease, snow, poverty, and an uncaring public, the songs are no longer heard, portraying a sense of hopelessness.

    My thoughts float through the city, homeless men heard me
    Found more dreams in my rhymes than that flask of wild turkey
    Opened it, poured it, withdraw it, before he sipped it
    He put his bottle in his coat and said "That kid is gifted"

    Much like they say Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor, Bronze's words reach the most impoverished people. If you've been to the downtown core of any major city, you know homelessness is huge problem. Some of the homeless have drug and/or alcohol addictions, which developed to temporarily forget about the state of their lives, or in some cases because they cant function without it. Bronze here is describing a homeless man who drinks from his flask to escape the pain and dream of a better life. He's about the drink up again, but when he hears the words spreading a positive message, he puts the bottle away because the message of hope in the words, and the dreams they can inspire is far greater than whatever pleasure he can get from the alcohol.

    Follow a spiral staircase into my brainwaves
    Count every step and see exactly where the pain lays
    Align my watch with a biological clock
    Drag the moon into a womb, so your child you can watch
    Then maybe you'll never leave a fatherless child as a seed

    In the first two lines, he explains that even though he's trying to help others, he still carries the pain of his past along with him. Growing up in poverty has affected him, but rather then letting it get to him, he wants to bring about change so it doesnt have to continue for the next generation. For example, in the next three lines, he explains how many men leave their impregnated girlfriends or wives, which causes the child to grown up in a single-parent household. Though Bronze grew up with both parents, many kids in the ghetto do not, and it must be incredible angering to know that your father left your mother because you were about to be born. Chronobiology is field of study that examines cycles in different organisms, such as the circadian rhythm (the way our body reacts to 24 hour cycles), the menstrual cycle, and the case of this song, the reproductive cycle. By aligning his watch with the biological clock, or the 9-month cycle of reproduction, he's saying he's showing a soon-to-be father what time it is, or the importance of what is about to happen. By putting the 'moon in the womb', he can illuminate the child, or allow the man to see the unborn child, and give him perspective that this is a life that you cant afford to leave behind and leave fatherless.

    Black royalty, the horns, my robe, crown, and habitat
    On the black top, I spoke to Judas, he regretted that
    Metal gat, with habits like fresh fleets of her-on
    Looked close and saw the map of Detroit streets in his arm
    The city climbed in that old picture of me in the frame
    And asked the man it used to know why the fuck I changed
    Told him with no expression, words were on the page
    Written in goblins, ghosts, and the hemoglobin of slaves

    In the first line, he's just describing himself as the king of kings again, with the royal garments and the trumpeteers that play when the king is about to make an entrance. Though he's a king, his habitat is still the poor slum areas, or the 'black top'. If you dont know, Judas was one of Jesus' disciples who betrayed him in the end, which eventually lead to the crucifixion. Judas has had time to think about what he's done, and feels remorse for his actions. Bronze is describing Judas much like the homeless man he spoke about earlier, because he's still living in the ghetto, is strapped with a gun, and is hooked on heroine. Living in these conditions made Judas wonder if he didnt betray Jesus if he would be living better. Heroine use, specifically with needles, can cause tracks or dark lines to appear on the skin. The tracks on Judas' arms actually look like a map of the streets of Detroit, which is a metaphor describing how the ghettos in the city can keep a man trapped in his environment.

    In the last four lines, Bronze describes how he himself was running wild in the streets in his younger days, and the streets want him back. He's decided to leave that life behind now, as he's seen to much blood of his people being spilled, dating back from the slaves, to the people in the hood now. Hemoglobin is a protein in the blood that contains iron and transports oxygen. He's saying that he's found a higher purpose than just street life, and that is spreading the message of positivity, and it was the struggle of his people that made him realize it.

    I drew blood in the shape of the Wu symbol
    Wrote rhymes in heiroglyphics, left for mystics in temples
    Carefully build each bar like I welded you a jail
    Then smoke from the same plants black magic used to heal
    And blow the residue in a 9/11 wind direction
    Stranger than fiction how those buildings stand as missing

    Wu-Tang has dropped some heavy knowledge on tracks (Impossible, Sunshower, 12 Jewelz, BIBLE, etc.), so Bronze is saying that he is carrying on that tradition. Heiroglyphics was the written language used by the ancient Egyptians that consisted of many different symbols, and was very difficult to interpret by outsiders. Bronze is saying that his rhymes will be difficult to interpret, but those who really study them ('the mystics in temples') will be able to gain the message. If you havent picked it up already from going through this verse, Bronze puts some serious thought into his rhymes, or his bars, much like you would have to do when constructing the bars on jail cells to keep the prisoners from breaking out.

    I admit that on this next part, I'm making a bit of a reach. Black magic rituals are considered evil, but could they also be used for good? For example, if you're feeling grief over the loss of a loved one, and you use black magic to bring their spirit back, would that really be considered evil? It would certainly cause a great deal of relief, much like Bronze feels when he hits the herb. The smoke he blows is like the cloud of dust that flooded the streets when the Twin Towers fell. And is definitely is 'stranger than fiction' that the buildings are gone, as their are many different and intricate theories as to what exactly happened that day.

    Back in deep thought like a rich man now homeless
    Stroke the fire like intern's hips in melting moments

    After his smoke break to clear his thoughts, he gets back to the business of creating his rhymes. He gets so deep when thinking, similar to a rich man who lost it all and now has nothing. If you lost your entire empire, all you would be thinking about is where you went wrong, and how it could have happened. You would be considering any and all moments where you could have messed up, and your thoughts would be consumed by it. Thats how deep Bronze gets when he writes, to ensure his message gets across to those who need it most. The second line describes how even though he's trying to write positive, he's taking consideration to make sure the music sounds as hot as possible, and compares it to the care used when having sex with a dime intern at work.

    This is triumphant warrior overthrow
    Vivid like my face carved in Blackfoot totem pole
    They asked "who's the Wu-Tang poet so graphic?"
    They sent him towards the Wisemen, and he came to Nazareth

    The Blackfoot were Natives that lived in prairie provinces of Canada, and they were known as fierce warriors. Totem poles are essentially tree trunks that have been carved by Natives to resemble the faces of their ancestors. Bronze is describing himself as a warrior with a rich family history, which relates back to song title (African royalty, Jesus). The final two lines bring the song around full circle. Everyone knows the story of how the wisemen came to visit Jesus, who was born in Nazareth. The Wisemen is also the name of Bronze's crew. So when people hear the song and they're unfamiliar with who the MC is, the listener is directed to the Wisemen, spefically Bronze Nazareth himself. Also, when they hear the positive message the song is trying to get across, they could be directed to the city of Nazareth and all the history associated with it, which is found in Galilee province in Israel, which is mentioned in the opening lines of the song.

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    Default BaRONZE OBAMA

    i gotta dig into somethin from the new mixtape so let's take a look at BaRonze Obama, one of Thought for Food Volume 2's best songs...

    you can listen to it here, it's a Bronze-produced joint that seems to be almost along the lines of 'Hear What I Say' in that he's pretty eloquently and poetically expressing some built up frustration....here he's venting about the situation in our country as well as the world overall, (hence the title)..

    BaRonze Obama
    [first verse]

    Yo I was born with that black oil in my veins,
    civil war of the brain, let's dig to the core of the pain--

    alot is being said right off the start..."that black oil" is a reference to the rich African heritage (see Noyz' Black Royalty breakdown above) that's in his blood but then the next line expresses something deeper....Bronze is bi-racial, and being born into a world with a tragic history of racial strife between whites and blacks there's a metaphorical battle going on inside his own mind, using the Civil War to express this because of the implications of slavery involved in that war but also how it's a fight between mutual parties in the same place...it's really an amazing line
    but now (keeping with the 'black oil' metaphor) we're gonna dig deeper..

    Guantanamo Bay torture chambers hidden away,

    there's a double meaning about Guantanamo Bay, keeping with the theme in the previous line about his own personal inner strife there's areas of pain (of torture) hidden away inside his psyche but it's also just a reference to the fucked up shit the United States has going on at Guantanamo Bay where they keep ppl that are captured as 'suspected terrorists'...

    it's pretty amazing once u read up on the shit going on at Guantanamo Bay and realize the US, a country tryin to constantly put forth the illusion of being a force for peace and freedom and all that shit, has ACKNOWLEDGED that they torture detainees in Guantanamo Bay....I saw that movie "Body of Lies" yesterday with alot of it taking place in the Middle East and a few gruesome scenes displaying the torture that goes on with some of these terrorist groups but it's disheartening, at the very least, to realize that the US has stooped down to that level...shit is FUCKED up..

    Nigga my kid will get sprayed if I stayed in the ghetto too long

    the way this beat is, it's got a strong emotive kick at the end of it and throughout the verse (which has been written according to the beat so well in all respects) Bronze's lines work the same way...he'll say a couple things and then top it off with a powerful confession....here, after characterizing this emotional weight on his chest he just spits it right out clearly: "My child is in danger inside this dangerous situation I'm stuck in"..

    I take it that there's few things that can worry a parent more than that...

    Like Gepetto been pawned,
    now the puppet back with the Bushes next to the White House lawn

    Gepetto was the puppeteer in the famous story of Pinocchio and, if I'm interpreting this right, he's sayin how it's like Gepetto is gone and now there's a puppet for all to see (the President) being controlled by a puppeteer hiding behind the 'bushes' of the White House lawn.....it's a pretty cool metaphor but I'm not sure I'm catching it completely especially the Gepetto part..

    Unemployment checks make us think they tryin,
    I ain't buyin it, can't afford it
    One slip and it's off into that mental coffin
    One mistake, one ticket, one license plate outta date
    led to jail time cuz my bail climb too high to pay

    this whole thing is about poverty..
    and when the cops are targeting young black man all the time, if u get bagged for some little infraction you'll be fucked cuz the $ for bail is crazy high...

    Had me buyin Similac with iron while you ate for free,

    Similac is baby food but I'm still tryin to fully get this line...i don't think it's as simple as it sounds, I think (and this might be an embarrassing reach) it could also be sayin that he was having to pay for inferior food (and thus 'baby food') while we're getting his music for free (downloading or whatever) and 'eating' for free, eating in the Thought for Food type of way......that could be totally wrong but I'm just suggesting it..

    and Enron robbed employees and they had steak for beef,
    like Irwin in the reef, when we burnin' [or "burdened"] in the streets--

    this one's great...the same line about Enron is used in a song on TFF Volume 1 as well but here it works well cuz he's keeping along with the food metaphor from the previous line and (I think) saying how fucked up it was that Enron completely robbed their own employees and fucked up their life savings and all that, and they 'had steak for beef' which means they had a case to bring up with government about how these corrupt aristocrats (who probably had connects with Senators and things like that) took all their money for years...

    now 'steak' could mean they had a legit beef to bring to court, but it also here means a 'stake' like a long pointy thing that stabs...which he then compares to "Irwin in the reef", Steve Irwin dying from the stab of the stingray's stinger (like a stake) in the Australian Barrier Reef......

    I'm sure that I've got the imagery right, but admittedly the meanings might be off...

    they used to hang us, bag us, tag us same as Katrina relief
    Some say they heard explosions when the levies was breeched
    Detroit schools shut down, no money to teach

    first line is equating the history of when blacks used to be lynched and murdered in the streets with how the government totally botched the Hurricane Katrina situation and let tons of ppl die in the streets...

    second line almost sounds like he's reading a newspaper headline and it's (yet again) fucked up how they gotta close schools, educational institutions, because there's not enough federal money to keep them open:

    But we in the Middle East, settin' up governments for free
    Where's the mathematics? Where's casino money from the gamblin' addicts?

    this is something that annoys me alot personally and I've written about it in the KTL section in the past, how this country has tons and tons of money in the military so we can go out and take over countries around the world but domestically we don't have the money for education or health care....

    then he's sayin where's the numbers on this shit? How is it possible that we're setting up an entirely new government in a foreign country but we have no money here?..."Where's casino money from the gambling addicts?" is a pretty damn good question too...

    Automatics sorta tragic, but it's reachin
    bullets tore across ya fabrics, you left us behind
    with no choice to react quick
    Let's widen the gap, front a machine to his face
    tryin to kill Africa with AIDS,
    just like crack when it spreads to the people they want relief..

    ...but I ain't buyin it nigga that's full beef...

    I need this one explained to me, I'm not catching most of it...not sure if the lyrics are correct either..

    [Verse Two]
    He keep his thoughts with the bushes
    dope pushers, crack addicts, that's where he stash at, skyview transactions
    Can feel the pulse in my palm, grip the steel like handle bars
    raised near the slums, where graves get dug

    here it seems like, after beginning the song in the first verse by digging deep into the material that's been pushed down into the deep recesses of his mind and then elaborating on how fucked up things are, he's saying how that he keeps those thoughts to himself usually.....
    and now in the second verse he's sayin how on the surface (instead of deep in 'core' where the material of the first verse came from) he keeps his thoughts on the shit going on in the streets..."the bushes" i take to mean weed, big buds of that greenery, but he's also always focusing on the folks out in the streets dealing dope, the crackheads roaming around...
    that's where he's at and where he makes his 'skyview transactions' which I take to mean drug deals (skyview = high, cloudy....exchanges)..

    he's gripping a heater to hold on, like a handle bar, throughout this scene....these first few lines are just painting the image of the streets B is in the midst of..

    Grandmas knit rugs until cancer devours they thoughts
    from ?flouride? spiked tap water in vaults

    first line kinda hits me personally cuz it reminds of my grandma who just died from cancer in June and she used to knit and sew quilts her whole life...I saw her like everyday in the hospital and cancer was certainly devouring her thoughts and her body, it was sad to watch..

    the second line I'm sure has SOMETHING to do with flouride in our tap water and how it's so unhealthy and probably causes cancer but I ain't hearing it right...

    A cauldron of thoughts, stay bakin' in my mind oven
    without pay...realize it ain't no ways other

    a scorching cauldron of thoughts (rhymes, verses, etc.) stays freshly cookin inside his mind cuz that's the only way he's gonna get by...gotta keep spittin that fire..

    Sun will rise in other men, when the time is chosen
    How could a tree grow upright, if the roots is poisoned??

    probably the best lines in the song right here...1st: others will become enlightened in time and stand up and be leaders..
    second one is a deep metaphor, exactly the kind Bronze is becoming known for: how could a kid grow up the right way if their path to adulthood is poisoned along the way with bullshit, poor education, malnutrition, lies, materialistic illusions, whatever fill in the blanks...

    Keep a loaded shell-spray tucked away, meet my left deltoid
    Grim reap make you sleep, animation void
    like bounced checks, empty clips, send me fifths to sip
    certified mail, burning hot ale, smile still

    this point is constantly emphasized: gotta keep a loaded heater tucked..."Meet my left deltoid" might be MEAT my left deltoid and that would mean stay in shape, but that's reaching..I'm not sure of this one..

    for the rest of it, I may have the lyrics wrong but if they are right it sounds like he's sayin when the grim reaper comes along, pour out liquor for me in the ground and smile even tho I'm gone....
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    I've listened to DAYLIGHT a thousand times and I've gone over the lyrics and decided that I wouldn't be able to do one of those line-by-line breakdowns cuz there's so much of it that I'm not clear on...

    so I'm just gonna throw this out there for Bronze and Kevlaar 7:

    can you hook us up with a little breakdown/explanation of your verses?

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    Nice breakdown on BaRonze Obama

    Iv lost track on how many times Iv listened to that song in the last month

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    Default Thought for Food vol. 2 Q's..

    goin thru some Thought for Food volume 2 lines that I'm not sure of while i sit and watch football.....lotta crazy wordplay on the mixtape but some of it goes straight over my head

    need some clarification with these..

    Street Corners

    "Fuck Israel, it's kill hills.."

    "There's more of us than Florida oranges and lost orphans"
    ^was always guessing the oranges line has somethin to do with how such a huge percentage of black men are in prison

    McKinley Shot Burst

    (crazy wordplay all throughout but so much I don't catch)

    "Meteor showers from 9-month double ??/
    Thought Davidson, microphone heretic exotic blend"

    "Hopin' I choke 'em wit opium-laced news"

    "Habitual offender, EXODUS LATERAL (?)"

    Detroit Taliban

    "The camera's a crutch, my image is unseen
    Visible only when God agrees"

    "I'm safe as the face is ugly" (?)

    "Smoke folk like smog in criminal court, it's useless"

    "Rap smack, endless gray spoonful hat trick"

    "He dry snitch, they migrate and fry fish
    send Africa a kite to see thru ancestors tint (?)"

    World Bred

    "I peace-pipe it out, smoke thoughts to burn a house
    turn a young Tina Turner out, walk in the precint with the burner out
    No shots, blow shots, sparks to scream about
    Verner (?) three ounce, sermon's remount "

    Chambers of Four

    this whole song has me thinkin...

    Blade Runner (and Associated, same line)

    "Mace never cold case, catch a bay stretcher
    erase ya base set up"


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