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Thread: Papoose- Alphabetical Slaughter

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    Default Papoose- Alphabetical Slaughter

    Artist: Papoose
    Album: Thug Connection/Alphabetical Slaughter 12"
    Song: Alphabetical Slaughter

    A) Alert assassins at large allegedly automatic artillery angrily aimed
    and aggressively
    Accurate AK's able doorways adversary afraid as active ammunition
    And accumulated an alias after arrested
    And accompanied armed accessories as an adolescent

    (B) Bridge Benz brolic burners bringin' brothers betrayer's bodies
    briefly be body banged bleedin' brothers
    Blaze bats in brave bashin' BROOKLYN bullets busters big biscuits
    barrels blazin' beheading bitch boasts and bluffers
    Borough barricaders beat bringers brutally blast bringin' blood baths...

    (C) Cover cowards corners collectin' cash
    Confirmed convicts commitin' crimes clappin' cats
    Creepin' cashiers causin' characters comas cappin' crabs
    Chaos causin'
    Clearly commiting CILO cocaine capsule caps colored capturing customer's
    Confiscatin' combinatin' kids are countin' cream calculatin'
    Cockin' calibur chromes creatin' casualties conversatin'

    (D) Dominatin' devoted dealer devastatin' determination demonstratin'
    devine dedication
    Debatin' drug deals demandin' dough distributed
    Definitely dividing double digit dollar dividends
    Drama declarin' demolishin' domain dozer
    Directing dumb-dumbs doin' dummies dirty disarmin' Dojos

    (E) Estimatin' onions enlarged and economically
    Equally educatin' each exercise in equality
    Eliminatin' expirin' enemies eradicatin'
    Erasin' evidence every element evacuatin'

    (F) For four faggots frontin' for fame fleein' from flames
    Firin' full-fledged four-fours forcin' flesh from frames
    Fortune fanatic, follow formats for funds faithfully
    Felonies, furiously fighting for freedom fatally
    Frigidally, frantic fightin' FEDS feelin' fearful finacially fortunate,
    flippin' figures for fifty-fifty...

    (G) Gatherin' grants grabbin' gauges gangsta ganks g's gettin green
    Guess garments gleamin'
    Greatly gainin' g's
    Ghetto genius
    Genuine gestures gracefully guide
    Government Generals gradually generate genocide

    (H) Head hoodlum hittin' heads heavenly hypnotizin'
    Hire hitmen harness be holdin' heaters hospitalizin'
    High holdin' hammers hectically hittin' herbs homicidin'
    Helicopter hijackin' holdin' hostages horrifyin'

    (I) Intellectually infinite imperial idol infamous
    Inhale the Izm injecting intelligence in ignorance

    (J) Jumble jum juggler jaw jabbin' jeopardizin'
    Jackin' jewelry jinglin' jackknife jiggin' jittery jivers

    (K) Knievers, knowledge key, keep a king, keep a kingdom
    K-K-K killin' keenly keepin' kosher livin'

    (L) Legitimate legal license LEX lastin' longevity
    Luxury life, language lacin' lyrical legacy
    Lightin' L's loudly loungin' livin' large like Luthor
    Loadin' long Lugers lethally lullabying losers

    (M) Maneuvers made miraculously, microphone majesty
    Music messiah mastered money makin' mathematically

    (N) Naturally naked and notorious, naughty nature
    Nasty New York nigga narcotic negotiator

    (O) Observator, oppression obstructin' originator
    Organized official officer oxen operator

    (P) Plot participator
    Plan powder pushin' premeditated
    Po-Po partners patrolin' preventin' payment
    Prosecutin' penny pinchers
    Prison penalty permanent placement
    Packin' powerful pistols punk plea and player's playin pavement

    (Q) Queen's qualifyed quantity/quality

    (R) Rulers rule righteously rightfully royal rapology
    Real revolutionaries rather regulate rivalry
    Rampantly raisin' raiders rampagin' relentless rivalry

    (S) Sense up snub slugs snipin' sharp shooter
    Smackin' soldiers silly severely shankin' stupid troopers

    (T) Terrorizin' terrible thorough thug terrifyin' totin' two tecs takin'
    territories thoroughly thrivin'

    (U) Unifyin' ultimately upliftin' uncivilized
    Unique understandin' universally utilized

    (V) Visualize vocab victoriously vocalized
    Versatile Vice-Versa verbals viciously victimize

    (W) Why witty wisdom wage your wars wisely

    (X) X-Con

    (Y) Yappin' ya'll yearnin'

    (Z) Zig Zag Z...

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