Artist: Papoose
Album: Law Library 12"
Song: Law Library (Part 3)

To all my niggaz incarcerated
I take you to the depths of street knowledge
Law Library part 3, the saga continues

They want collateral when you sitting in the cell
Take these bars and bail your man outta jail
The eye in the sky, the ears on the wire
Conspiracy it's on fire
I got the keys to your cell, come on y'all hurry
Welcome to part 3, Law Library (repeat)

An innocent man sitting in the can
Pondering damn, "how did I get in this jam?"
It happens everyday from New York to the south
Easy to go to jail but it's hard to get out
'Cause you hung around every then and now with him
So when they took him down they took you down with him
'Cause you don't gotta commit the crime physically
You don't even gotta commit the crime willingly
If you know about the crime and you not snitchin' G
They could hit you with that charge called conspiracy
Take a loan from a bank, I'm borrowing money
I take a loan from my homies, I'm laundering money
If I loan my man some bread to go a get a key
And he go and flip that money and bring it back to me
It's called enterprise corruption, E Felony
They could hit me with that charge called conspiracy
To all the pimps out there scooping them young broads up
Got 'em on the strip working for small bucks
Any person over 18 regardless of what
Agrees with one or more persons under 16, y'all stuck
To engage in or cause the performance of such conduct
They bringing that conspiracy charge up
The game is full of Rico Laws and this corruption charge stuff
Its washed up, we could make an out-of-town move
But plan it in New York State
If you go and catch a case in a whole 'nother place
They could charge you with conspiracy still make the conviction
In New York and in the other jurisdiction
But if you listen to these words of wisdom
You could beat the system
'Cause a person can not be convicted of conspiracy within the law
By something called pleading the proof, this is the law
Unless the Overt Act is alleged and proved
To have been committed by one of the conspirators
So be careful when you make affiliations
'Cause you could be guilty by association
The law makers is constantly creating
Ways to enforce incarceration
What's the next chapter in my archive?
Article 125, Homicide, Law Library...