Nabonidus predecessor, Nabopolassar’s successor
Nebuchadnezzer, rebellion expeller in Ketuvim lectures
Babylonian law, what was the chapter on seduction?
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, limb for limb was the punishment
A hundred yin for a hundred sins, That about covers it, doesn’t it?
Fighting two zeros behind me like James Julian Southerland
The coming winds in the tundra mist hides the enigma in front of it
The corruption and plundering and the trouble that comes with it
Oil is poison, sons and daughters in the morgue for it
Mom drops the cordless, father standing on the porch tortured,
My skull is a submarine hall
Bathyscaphe through the Cambrian’s fauna on the deep sea floor
Dr. Hillyer, David, Weena and George
Watch in fast forward the horrors that form as man begins to wage war
Sargon, Sumer, and then even before
Pre-historians even thought that they ought to record
Mid-Atlantic Ridge smoldering, Rodinia in molten seas
Before Pangaea drifted and before the oceans freeze
In my dreams, I’m yelling it, on beats I’m telling it
On streets I’m selling it, strong speech imperative,
For the words I derive, I should get the Pulitzer Prize
PEN/Voelcker is fine, PEN/Faulkner’s declined
I’ll get White Lion class 5, just give me some time
Harold McGraw if I strive, Otto Hahn if I die
Ansari X if it flies, Polar if I can get it to rhyme
Jean Nicod Prize if I manage to open their minds
Went south west in a straight line, Trent Texas from Lake Lime
Because a message I was blessed with suggested I make time
I got there a little early, the sight was other worldly
The sky was filled with hues of blues and burgundy, 30
My contact looked down, every light beam was searching
The ground beneath was scorching but I wasn’t hurting
I’ve got nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to do
Except to, lead you to a sky more blue
We are clearly designed by the thoughts of a predefined fate
The Theory of Mind, and the walk of a primate
The Scarecrow’s Brain, the foresight and foreshadow of change
Not nearly as important as the forbearing from which it came
From thrashin and bashin’ to tracking’ and stabbin’
From lackin’ to stackin’, from grabbin’ to rations
From factions to cabinets, from draftin’ to askin’
To sacking resources clean from every land we plant our flag in
Heavy is the burden of the world that we carry
“Are we up to the task?” is the Cosmonauts Query
I scream out “YES!” But up there nobody hears me
Too many bombs going off to transmit the message clearly
Chainsaws in the forest, fleets of barges heaped with trash
Concrete streets under my feet instead of Reed Sweetgrass
Innocent are the thoughts that a youthful mind brings
Before he is taught by the blind as the blindful eye leads
Killing ourselves as our makers watch from Luna craters
They’ll be our enslavers if we ever lose their favor
“That is not dead which can eternally lie
And with strange eons even death may die”
The Pearls of Time by Gerald Klein, collective works of James Hynes
Will McCarthy and John Varley in my mind
The ground was damp, the air was warm
In the jungle I sit. In the jungle I mourn
My shirt ripped by thorns, body tired and worn
Bruised, bloody, and burned, still i plot my return.....