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Thread: stay up at night dont sleep on your moon....

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    Mumm Ra is right! He means "Stay up at night and watch your girl, sleep in the day cause "it's sunlight" --> means there's light everywhere, your homies see if your girl is with another man.
    RZA goes even further and says : never give your gun to a friend cause he never bring it over again, never leave your hoe alone with your dawg cause he might try to bury his bone ...
    Not many last in the game , Wu-Tang comin through breaking out the same way we came. This is not an act , this is actual fact , nothing but experience placed upon the tracks.

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    I thought it was like you be staying up at night giving your girl the good loving although it makes more sense that way considering earlier in the song he says sum like "insecure about my ding dong, married to babylon, my queen lookin at me like a pawn!"

    I'd like to hear someone take a shot at that lyric beyond the obvious. It was interesting when meth said he could tell us which verses db wrote and which was old GZA and RZA lines. I think he had a lot of knowledge and he was a soulful dude that could sing too. I think in the movie they make it has to break down his songwriting process, hes just one of the illest. like that weird sneeze/cough/james brown ad lib at the start of baby c'mon, if the only thing he did his whole career was come up with that he'd be a legend.

    But obviously he wrote and reinterpreted others writing as every other rapper did, if they make the movie only about drug abuse and fucking bitches i'll be pissed.

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    before RZA came out with his Bob Digi alter ego thing, Dirty's been doing it.. Ason Unique was what he went by before he became ODB. you can notice on his albums where he would do the hardcore dont give a fuck bust you in the face type of shit and theres joints that are lyrically deep full of 5% teachings and knowledge. you can find RZA saying on the Wu-Tang manual Dirty was heavily into 5% wisdom moreso than majority of other members.

    "Stay up at night Don't sleep on the Moon." line is him biggin up Women in general, acknowledging the fact all men came out of the women's womb.

    one of the greatest MC in my book where innovativeness was just one of his many traits as an MC.

    only Dirty can make a track like "Cracker Jack" straight fuck them hoes sex rap and gets deep and drop knowledge on "All In Together Now" on the same album...


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    Quote Originally Posted by I FUCKED YO BITCH! View Post
    insecure about my ding dong, married to babylon, my queen lookin at me like a pawn!
    LOL @ Ding Dong

    ODB is insecure about his KINGDOM

    Ding Dong, yeah ok........LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

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