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Thread: looking to trade Sealed obcl2 euro version

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    Default looking to trade Sealed obcl2 euro version

    Have a sealed European edition of OBCL 2 which i ordered 2 copies by mistake.

    Looking to trade

    other albums i have that im looking to get rid of for something else

    Cryptic One- Anti Mobius Strip theory
    Fes Taylor- Warning We at war
    Fes Taylor- What I got to lose
    Heart Foundation
    Solomon childs- king kong of NY mixtape
    Pop Chief- Da Garden of Edan Mixtape
    Fes Taylor- Fresh air fund mixtape
    Buddha monk- Zu chronicles 1
    Buddha monk- Zu chronicles 2
    La the Darkman- Return of the darman mixtape
    killah priest- Prelude to the offering mixtape
    Redman- Live at the bricks mixtape
    Raekwon- Heroin Only Mixtape
    mathamatics- soul of a man
    5 ft hyper sniper- off da blok family
    cappadonna-the struggle
    killah priest- black august
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