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Thread: Sunz Of Man - The Last Shall Be First

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    I love this album , top 10 of all the wu released.
    Its a perfect (world) album , full produced by the best producers of the world!!
    That will never happen!!!
    Since 2000 , you will never see a album with these 3 producteurs

    97 to 99 is a dope period because all the released wu had always wu element

    I think , if we talk only about beat ,
    Its the same formul for pillage, uncontrolled substznce, ticzl 2000 , sunz , suprem clidntel & killarmy grave diggaz

    All track are dope for me but i try to makf a order
    1 illusions
    2 next up
    3 inmates to fire
    4 can i see you
    5 not promused tomorrow
    6 flamming swors
    7 collaboration
    8 intrllectuzls
    9 cold
    10 tribulation
    11 plan

    I hope a new sunz enterily produced by 4 disciple tru and i know bronze is able to make beats like the shall be the first

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    This joint dropped twenty years ago today. Still bump this regularly.

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    60 carried the fuck out of this album for me, priest wasnt at his best yet, razah was killing shit, p.sunn wasnt saying anything mindblowing, but to me this is classic just on production alone. Listened to it last night for the 1st time in a while, did I hear a Beretta 9 verse dropped in there somewhere?
    Judging Saints and Angels.

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    Yeah B9 is on I Can See You. If I recall he didn’t get credit in booklet. Peace

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    I love this album too. This was the golden period of Wu dynasty for me when Killarmy and Sunz of Man and Wu Forever and The Pillage and Heavy Mental dropped within two years. 4th Disciple and Tru Master were doing mad work.

    Natural High is probably my favorite song because of the trumpet and energetic beat, the memorable hook. Hell Razah and Killah Priest.

    My 2nd favorite song on this album might be Illusion. At the 4 minute mark the beat switches up and Prodigal Sunn crushes it.

    Intellectuals is probably my 3rd favorite. U-God rocks on Intellectuals.

    Collaboration with Meth on a eerie beat that sounds like a soundtrack to ancient Egypt or a trek through the Himalayas.

    I always wished they made Five Archangels a full song instead of just an outro. I have the original CD I bought when it first came out. If I were to burn the CD, or put it on an iPod, I would substitute the full version of Five Archangels in place of that outro, and then maybe that becomes the best song.

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    Yeah, I have no idea why they did not include the full version. I never even knew it was a full song until I purchased Old Testament in 2006. Soldiers Of Darkness would have been nice to have on Last Shall Be First as Well

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