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Thread: 100 shots fired and baby rasta still alive!

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    Default 100 shots fired and baby rasta still alive!

    ma nigga^!

    Baby Rasta whose real identity is Wilmer Alicea received gun shots to his back, leg and right arm by some unanimous shooters. The shooting incident in the metropolitan area of San Juan also left two others injured.
    One of the ‘Eazy Boyz’ and ‘Reggaeton’ duo Wilmer Alicea most commonly recognized as Baby Rasta by his fans, was brought to a Carolina area hospital, the police reports revealed, following a shooting spree on Tuesday. The singer from Puerto Rica was reportedly leaving the Jardines de Country Club premises after some recordings but on the doorsteps of the studio; unidentified persons shot at him.
    Working on his new album Baby Rasta got late and according to the police reports, it was near dawn when he left the Country Club and the moment he arrived at the studio doors, Baby Rasta and two of his unnamed allies were shot several times. The police officials believe the shooters that waited for the singer all night, were in a car and after a hailing-fire, they fled.
    Police further informed that more than one hundred shots were fired since there were countless bullet casings discovered at the scene and the singer reportedly received bullets all over his body i.e. the abdomen, back, right leg and right arm. However, the trio was immediately brought to hospital for treatment and reports confirmed thatBaby Rasta required undergoing an emergency surgery too.
    Later it was revealed that Baby Rasta was in a much better condition though it wasn’t clear whether he was still in the Carolina hospital. The other two persons also sustained serious injuries but according to latest updates, they were also fine.

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    damn pr getting way to crazy . I know this been going on for a long time but its shitty

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